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STOP damage caused by wearing elastics, clips & barrettes...

If these are your hair struggles, or you want your hair to have a fighting chance to flourish, Hairzing has solutions for you.

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Fine Thin Hair

For those with have more silky and finer hair.

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Click Here For Ruthie's Hair Challenges & Solutions
  • Name: Ruthie

- Mom,  Athlete, and Entrepreneur 

  • Hair Profile:

Textured 4c Hair

  • Ruthie's Challenge:

After her big chop, Ruthie needs VOLUME without compromising hair growth. Elastics, barrettes, and scrunchies all compress / flatten her short hair. (That's a scruncii on the left side of her "Before" photo) She works out daily and must secure her hair without damaging it. 

  • HairZing Used:

Two Medium pearl bananas side by side. 

  • Hairstyle:

Popular crown look. (This "crown" is best created with 2 Medium size)

How Ruthie's Pain Points Are Solved:

Her hair looks fuller and is evenly distributed because of the wide base of the stretch banana combs.  She gets all the volume without compression.  Since the banana clip holds her hair comfortably snug, there is no friction or rubbing, she doesn’t need to readjust it, and her hair doesn’t break or tangle. Best of all, she can rock all types of looks in her short hair as it grows out healthy.

Click Here For Breeona's Hair Challenges & Solutions
  • Name: Breeona - Busy Professional with a hectic work & travel schedule 
  • Hair Profile: Thin fine hair
  • Breeona's Challenge: Breeona has thin fine hair that damages easily. Her hair is soft and hard to secure, and she currently has breakage, flyaways, and stripped cuticles from using traditional hair ties.  Like most women with this type & texture of hair, she doesn’t like to wear it pulled severely back making her hair look flat.  Wants something that stays in place, will help her re-grow her hair health,  and look flattering.
  • HairZing Used: Pretzel Comfy Comb
  • Hairstyle: Peacock Twist

How Breeona's Pain Points Are Solved: The Comfy Comb is lightweight with a snug grip, holding Breeona’s baby fine hair up without damaging it. With this comb she can style her hair in under 20 seconds and after a long day take it down without a dent or crease. Her hair looks thicker and softer without being pulled tightly back.   Best part is she won’t cause more damage, and her hair will re-grow with greater shine (no stripped cuticle) and look thicker.  Lesson:  Stop daily damage and your hair will flourish.  

CTA: Get the Pretzel Comfy Comb

Click Here For Daezee's Hair Challenges & Solutions
  • Name: Daezee 
  • Hair Profile: Thick Textured long 4c hair
  • Daezee's Challenge:  With massive thick textured hair, and a busy life building her modeling career, it takes a lot of time to style it, and nothing can secure it comfortably without damaging it. She cannot  rely on keeping it in protective styles because of client demands for photoshoots, and she has given up on traditional hair accessories because they cannot hold the amount of hair she is blessed with.  
  • HairZing Used: Blue Knots S-T-R-E-T-C-H Banana Comb
  • Hairstyle: Big Afro Poof - Swept off face “Headband” 

How Daezee’s Pain Points Are Solved: The S-T-R-E-T-C-H Banana is designed for heavy thick hair and she could not believe one comb (without pins or elastics) could hold it securely.  Created with 59 round metal wire teeth that are smooth and slide in and out of her hair like melted butter, these act like “Interconnected Bobbi Pins” except they are "Damage Free"The Banana has a super wide 8 inch stretch to easily accommodate all her  hair….with zero  pain.  Best of all, she could put her hair up and take it down in under 30 seconds without any curl displacement, damage or creases.  Wearing the Stretch Banana lets her travel and get ready fast for makeup and styling. 

Click Here For Devon's Hair Challenges & Solutions
  • Devon- working Mom with a whirling dervish son and no time to style her hair
  • Hair Profile: Curly, thick and wavy mixed texture hair
  • Devon's Challenge:  She likes her curly -ringlet- waves but they take time she doesn’t have, to condition and care for.  Tangling is an on-going challenge and must be avoided because once knots start, the struggle gets real.  Devon needs accessories that love her curls, won’t twist and tangle them, and feel comfortable for hours on end so she can focus without distraction. 
  • HairZing Used: Austin - Wide Tooth Stretch Comb
  • Hairstyle: All Up Bun 

How Devon's Pain Points Are Solved: The Austin Wide Tooth Comb is able to glide into Devon's voluminous mane like butter, without tangling a single hair. The teeth are engineered to flex around roots so they don’t damage the scalp or break hair in their path. Devon loves being able to deep condition her hair before she wraps it up (no other pins or elastic required!) where the warmth of her head lets the conditioner deeply absorb throughout the day. It’s her secret and saves a ton of time she already doesn’t have.

CTA: Get the Austin Wide Tooth Stretch


What Does HairZing Do?
  • We create hair accessories designed to protect your hair with lightweight, comfortable patented s-t-r-e-t-c-h combs engineered to eliminate pressure, pulling, and pain.  Flexible so they hold snugly without clamping down onto your hair. 
  • Created specifically to solve the damage problems women with thin-fine and heavy, thick, textured curly, coily natural hair have, directly caused by traditional  accessories like elastics, bobbi pins, barrettes, clips, headbands, tight scruncii’s  etc.  
  • Engineered to add as little friction as possible to keep your hair healthier...just by wearing.  Our combs and bands work together, balancing the weight of your hair between them, preventing headaches and pinching.  
Does HairZing Really Work?

Women flock to HairZing because we offer a real answer to their problems, and they can't stop raving about how good our hair clips are.  Each comes with a simple instruction booklet and we have step by step hairstyling instructions and videos on our site.  You can also find us on YouTube.  Don't take our word for it. Visit our testimonial page to see what women with hair like yours are saying. 

Is HairZing Worth It?
  • HairZing has been the recognized leader in designing hair healthy accessories since 2006, and that success from a small family owned business means there are always companies trying to knock off and copy our products.
  • Like our mothers told us, you get what you pay for.  Sure, you might be able to find cheaper versions,  but they are always a low quality which stretches out or breaks quickly becoming more disposable trash. 

  • More importantly, when you purchase a knock-off for an insanely cheap price…..we can guarantee it was made by a woman, child or political prisoner forced to make it for pennies to survive. Seriously.  

  • We study, research, invent and handcraft HairZings using the best materials, a process that takes time. Wages paid out create long time jobs for women. Our prices are incredibly affordable and HairZing will last you a long time as you re-grow your hair health.   We 100%  guarantee every HairZing we make, so if you try us and aren’t happy, we will refund every penny.   
What Are The 4 Types Of Products We Make?
  1. Original Double Cross Beaded: Our first product – still a bestseller 17 years later!!! Made out of a finer (but still strong) metal wire with closely spaced teeth, comes in a TWO sizes with a decorative butterfly style design, and can be worn vertically, horizontally, or on the side of your head as an accent–even in short, short hair….which is part of its unique appeal. 

  2. Comfy Comb:  Engineered for more flexibility & comfort than traditional plastic combs. Long Smooth Plastic Teeth slide in & out easily without snagging or breaking your hair.  Casual & fun.

  3. S-T-R-E-T-C-H Banana Comb:  Boosts Volume in seconds!  We took the popular banana clip hair accessory of the 80's and designed away all the flaws. Our adjustable stretch hinge instantly creates a custom snug hold.  Medium for Thin Fine hair won’t slide out,  and Large for Thick Wavy,  and Natural Curly, Coily Textured Hair stretches WIDE to hold tons of hair without breaking the clip or causing damage or pain to your hair.  

  4. Wide Toothed Comb: Exclusively for thick textured curly hair, made with our strongest round metal wire so it glides easily without friction.  Widely spaced extra long teeth snugly & safely secure. 
How do other accessories damage my hair?
Styling Your Hair Shouldn't Lead to Damage

Traditional hair accessories such as bands and clips, strip the cuticle and damage the hair shaft.

Why? Because those items only hold in place using too much force & pressure.The “line” of damage is easy to see…. it’s exactly where ponytails and buns are placed. 

Usually at the top of your ears or crown of head.

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