A special notice to our fans

When we started the company 17 years ago there was nothing like HairZing.  We began to grow organically, spread by happy customers' word of mouth.

Sales jumped when QVC began carrying HairZing but the more visible we became, the more we were copied, including by the largest infomercial company in the world.

We are proud our humble invention is being worn by women in over 25 countries.
However, as we have grown, every time we introduce a new product,  copy cat HairZings immediately pop up on cheap Chinese sites.  

Although we have our own brand store on Amazon, every day is a battle dealing with foreign factories copying our products, using our images and text, and putting out poor quality product that violates all our copyright, trademark and patent rights. These knock-offs are sucking us dry and putting jobs in danger. It’s like the children’s game of “Whack a Mole”.  We shut one down and another pops up in it’s place.

Please support our small business by purchasing authentic HairZing products.

We believe the world is a big place, and there is room for everyone to succeed. However, as a small company, we invest heavily into our product development, patents, and legal costs. We continue to do so as we develop new, original products. 

   We pay decent and fair wages to workers.  We strive to use the most environmentally sustainable materials and pay recycling costs for our excess materials.  We also donate to projects that support women's and girl's education because we believe we can help, even in a small way, level the playing field.

In short, we act as any responsible company would.

We respectfully ask our customers to be aware:

Authentic HairZings ship from our warehouse in Oakland, California and each one is branded with our logo, patents, and contact information.

Does the price seem too good to be true? Every HairZing is 100% handcrafted, including our handwoven metal wire combs. We pay fair wages and support hundreds of women and our products cannot be made by machine. Quality isn't made in sweatshops, so if the price is incredibly low, you can bet the workers are not paid, underpaid and abused.

Knock-off factories use the lowest priced labor they can find. Not just our product, but every knock-off product made. They don’t care about quality or workers. They exist only to profit the few at the top. This means there are desperate women, children and political prisoners making them.

Is it really worth it?


HairZing products are protected by multiple patents in the United States, and International patents are pending.

This webpage is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions, including the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act.

US Patents # 7,748,390, #8,413,667; D518,599; D532,551; D697,261; D702,881, D715,488; and other USA and International Patents Pending.

We understand there are small vendors on ebay, Etsy and other sites who bought knockoff HairZings from large Chinese factories and did not realize it. Our mission is to find fair long term solutions with companies this has happened to.

If you have questions about our patent, copyright, or trademark rights related to any products you manufacture, market, distribute or sell; or if you would like to submit a knockoff copy online to us, please contact us here: customercare@hairzing.com