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Fine Tooth Wire Combs


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Our Double Cross Hair Comb for Fine, Thin Hair is our #1 best seller. Put your hair up in seconds and wear all day (and fall asleep with it on). Grips comfortably without slipping out of your hair. No pulling. No headaches. No breakage (No kidding!).

Ideal for short hair below the ears to slightly longer than shoulder hair length. Fine wire teeth have less friction so they slide smoothly into your hair without tangling.

Holds Snug - Instead of barrettes or claw clips, use this cool comb which actually holds your baby fine wispy hair up without damaging. 

No pressure - Hair is not forced and crushed between combs. Cups your head with soft, rounded surfaces that protect delicate hair. 

Re-imagined stretch design - The “magic” is in the stretch. Hair moves independently so it can be softened with fingers by pulling out sections to add lift & volume. 

Proprietary Resin Bands - 10x stronger than elastic, won't stick to your hair.

Add volume & softness - Create flattering hairstyles that finally earn you compliments. Lightweight for your soft hair, 100% secure. Despite hot weather and humidity, HairZing prevents sweat from making your hair look flat, limp and lifeless. 

Comfortable Custom Fit - Adjusts with your hair. If HairZing ever feels too tight, gently push the combs closer together for a looser more comfy fit. Works with the hair you have, doesn't overpower it. Never looks too heavy & bulky. This is the most comfortable hair clip you will ever own. Most of our fine, thin hair customers can't wear anything else. 

Practical and Ideal for Everyday Use - HairZing Double Cross is perfect to hold your hair up for hours. All-day hold at work, school, church, yoga, dance, night out, birthday, prom, even makes a perfect wedding hair comb. Great for pools and water activities.

Can be used by kids too! Great as a gift.

Have thick, heavy curly hair? Check out our thick hair double comb model.


  • Measures 3 inches long (top to bottom)
  • Elastic Stretches 3 - 6 inches

Why is size important? Gathers and captures hair at different lengths & layers. Specifically designed with special flexible wire teeth to provide a stronger base, which holds thin fine hair more snugly.

Popular Hairstyles with Double Cross for Fine Thin Hair:

  • Creates illusion of having VOLUME and more hair by adding Poof & Volume. Hair is not pressured between combs, it moves independently so can be softened with fingers by pulling out sections.
  • French Twist
  • Half Up Half Down
  • Peacock Twist Ponytail 
  • Messy and Soft Buns
  • Top Knots
  • Ballerina Buns
  • Twisted Center

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