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14 HairZings

The Coolest Hair Comb Accessories to Try This Season. Decorative or Casual for Workouts,...

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Essential Plastic Combs

6 HairZings

You'll soon be asking "Where has this thing been all my life?!" You normally...

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Fine Tooth Wire Combs

5 HairZings

We invented these original fine tooth wire hair combs featuring industrial strength elastic which...

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HairZing Multipacks

3 HairZings

Now you can try two Stretch Double Combs for just $19.98 with these Limited...

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Metal Wide Wire Stretchable Hair Combs

6 HairZings

HairZing Metal Wide Wire Stretchable Hair Combs are the amazing contoured combs that stretch to create...

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Natural and Curly Coily Hair Accessories

21 HairZings

Looking for Low Manipulation styles? Transitioning Lengths? Need a Protective Style? HairZings are strong...

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Sale & Clearance

8 HairZings

Discover sale hair accessories at Hairzing, including discounted and seasonal banana clips, double combs, plastic hair clips & more....

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Sleek & Straight Hair Combs

31 HairZings

Smooth as silk and ironing board straight. (remember ironing boards?) Don't get me wrong,...

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Stretch Banana Combs

13 HairZings

Want to create volume instantly with no pins, teasing or sprays required? Want to...

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Stretchable Hair Combs for Workouts

15 HairZings

Have an Active Lifestyle and need a hair clip that actually keeps your hair...

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The Best Hair Clips for Fine & Thin Hair

19 HairZings

Our comfortable hair combs hold your hair in a remarkably unusual way, using the curve of...

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The Best Hair Combs for Thick, Curly & Wavy Hair

33 HairZings

Blow-drying is only for days that you have hours to spare, and normal hair...

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