Thin Fine Soft Hair

We understand fine, thin soft hair.  Here you will find the answer you’ve been looking for!  Our comfortable stretch combs let you easily add volume and style while protecting your hair in updo’s, buns, ponytails and much more.  Patented and worn by millions of women who trust us to help them solve their fine and thinning  hair challenges.
Why Are HairZing Products Good For My Hair?
  • Like us, you’ve probably tried every other hair accessory available. Unfortunately, nothing is made for our type of hair.  It’s either too heavy, or so big & bulky our fine hair looks even flatter and thinner.  To hold, all of them use too much damaging pressure, and when they inevitably slip & slide out, our precious hair is pulled and broken along the way.
  • HairZing products are patented, lightweight, flexible hair accessories designed for Hair Health by holding without putting pressure on fragile, thinning, soft, fine & thin hair.  They lay flat so never overpower your hair, are completely adjustable, and built to last a long time. 
What Styles Can HairZing Help Me Create On My Fine Thin Hair?
  • You can finally create updo’s, buns, twists, and ponytails that look good on you. No more scalp showing through or tight “skin head” looks.  
  • Comes with a simple instructional booklet, lots of short easy video’s, and our Customer Care Team is only a call away.  No skill or stylist ever required.
How Do Stretch Combs Work?
  •  Specifically engineered to allow your hair to move freely while being “hugged” because they use the natural curve of your head and comfortable stretch to snugly hold without slipping.  They don’t clamp onto your hair or interlock.  You adjust the combs and bands with a simple stretch that gives you a custom fit every time.
  • You can easily give your hair the illusion of more volume by gently softening the sides and adding at least an inch of volume on top of your head.  Best of all, no damaging teasing or harsh sprays! 
What Types Of HairZing Works Best In My Hair?
  • On this page we’ve gathered all the HairZings specifically designed for fine, thin, sleek, and thinning hair.  
  • S-T-R-E-T-C-H Banana Combs,  Original Double Cross  Beaded,  Casual Comfy Combs will all give you the hold and styling options you never thought possible with fine thin hair.
What Is Your Guarantee To Me?

All you need to do is pick one you love, buy it, and give it a try.  As a small family owned business since 2006, we stand behind every one of our products.  If you are not happy we are not happy and will absolutely refund or replace (your choice)  every penny immediately.           

  • Watch this video for a quick demonstration of our unique patented product line.

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