Frequently Asked Questions

We're delighted to answer your questions over the phone or via email, but to save you time, we've gathered some fantastic answers here.  Still can't find what you're looking for?  Please contact us at customercare@hairzing.com

About Hairzing

1. How are Hairzings Made?

We completely hand weave our wire combs (a lost art) and string each bead by hand.  The hundreds of women who proudly handcraft HairZing live in remote areas with few employment opportunities. Your purchase helps create jobs that offer respect, income and flexibility. Those three components help women build lives that support their families and peacefully tuck their children into bed at night. 

Click here to read more about this aspect of our business.

2. Where Is Hairzing Made? 

HairZings are 100% handcrafted by women working independently in small businesses and collectives in rural China or the USA. We don't use factory labor because HairZing is intended to create jobs and opportunities for women in rural and economically disadvantaged communities.

3. How Did You Come Up With The Name Hairzing ?

When the Trademark office said Red Bull and Hershey's were already taken, Francesca decided to come up with something more original.  Many women refer to their hair accessories as "my hair THING" so voila! A “Z” was added and "HairZing" was born.

4. How Do Hairzings Work?

HairZing is based on the principle of "stretch, catch & release." We use the natural curve of the head in combination with bands and combs that hold in place.   Every HairZing is completely adjustable for a genuinely “custom fit”.   That is why HairZing adapts to EVERY type of woman's hair -- thick, thin, long, short, and curly. Watch our instructional videos to easily understand how to hold the combs and slide them into place.

5. What Is The Difference Between The Large And Medium Sizes?

Medium Size: Designed :  Currently the smallest comb we offer.   

Designed for finer, thinner, or sleeker hair.  However, Medium size can be worn with ANY type of hair in sections.  For example, thick hair can easily wear a Medium size in ponytails, bangs, small buns,  and “half-up/half-down” styles too, just not the whole head of hair in one Medium.   

  • MED: Length of comb:  3 inches long   Stretches: 4" wide 


Large Size :  Designed for women with thick, heavy, long, curly / coily and textured hair

  • LGE:  Length of comb:  4  ½ inches long   Stretches: 4" wide 

NOTE:  Wear Two at a time!  This is not a crass attempt to have you buy more but many customers with hair that is SUPER  Thick & Heavy, Slippery & Sleek, or Extra long tell us they wear 2 matching HairZings layered on top of each other or side -by-side for incredible holding power.  We have heard this from athletes too and tested it in-house so we know it works.  It’s one reason we offer Try-Me Packs with matching items at affordable prices.        


6. Who Designs Hairzing Products?

Francesca the Founder,  our Product Development Team, and the women artisans themselves design our products. We also welcome customer feedback on colors, designs, and sizes because YOU are our laboratory. The input from brides and hairstylists moves us in one direction, while the athletes who call us are generally looking for something else.

What Differentiates Hairzing

1. What Makes Hairzing Unique?

HairZing operates on an original concept, and we've received multiple patents to prove it. Most accessories (think elastic bands, clippies, bobbi pins, barrettes, claw clips etc) must put pressure on your hair to hold in place. HairZing is the only accessory that holds snugly without exerting any pressure on your hair or clamping down onto it. Our combs and bands work together, balancing the weight of your hair between them, preventing headaches and pinching. 

2. Are There Cheaper Versions?

You’ve heard the saying “if it’s too good to be true it probably is…'' and knock-offs of HairZing are no exception.  HairZing has earned  multiple patents for our unique technology, ensuring comfort, functionality, and durability.  imitations often compromise on these quality measures. Each HairZing takes a long time to create by hand, and it simply cannot be done faster or made by machine, so please know when you purchase a knock-off for an insanely cheap price…..it was made by a woman, child or political prisoner forced to make it for pennies to survive.  Knock-off and counterfeiters are almost always Asian factorites who do not value workers, customers, repeat business or originality.  


How Do I Know I Am Purchasing An Authentic Hairzing And Where Do I Purchase?

If it doesn’t say “HairZing” shipping out of our warehouse in Oakland California, it is NOT an authentic Hairzing. We offer the best selection at www.hairzing.com and we also have a thriving store on Amazon.  Whenever companies like Conair have asked us to produce for them, we provide the same worker benefits and follow the same business practices.  We do not currently sell in any physical stores under our own brand name, HairZing,  but we are expanding in 2024 into retail and live streaming as well as returning to TV shopping channels.  Stay tuned!


How To Wear

1. Will Hairzing Give Me A Headache Or Damage My Hair?

No. In fact, women love HairZings precisely because they are "hair friendly". The combs and bands balance and evenly distribute the weight of your hair to help avoid headaches. The tension between the combs is 100% adjustable so you ALWAYS get a Custom Fit.

2. What To Do If It Is Too Tight?  

Simply push the combs closer together toward the center of your head. Their grip will immediately loosen in your hair. 

3. What To Do If It Is Too Loose?

Prefer a firmer hold?  Simply s-t-r-e-t-c-h the combs further apart so they gently cup the curve of your head. 


Will The Combs Show In My Hair?

No. The teeth are built to “slide and hide” in your hair.  Once tucked under your hair, they are completely invisible. Even our original wire black combs will not show through light blond, thin hair.  

4. Are The Combs Comfortable? 

We are comb connoisseurs and extremely proud of our lightweight, strong designs. Most women report they cannot feel the combs at all.

5. How Many Styles Can I Do With Hairzing?

This answer depends on your hair - if it's fine and thin or very short, we guess you'll be able to do 3-4 quick and easy styles. If your hair is long or thicker, that number increases. Customers have sent us images of up to 15 different styles they have done themselves with thicker, longer hair using the same HairZing. The most common hairstyles our customers make include braids, twists, updos, ponytails, pineapple buns, frohawks, classic buns and  bantu knots 


Will These Work For My Hair Type?

1. I Have Extremely Fragile Fine Thin Hair - Will Hairzing Hold In My Hair? 

Hairzing will absolutely hold in thin fine hair! In fact, our CEO/Founder Francesca has super fine thin hair (she says it falls out if you look at it wrong). Every product offered in the “Fine Thin Hair” sections is designed and tested on over 100 women before it is released.  Just in case it doesn’t work on you, we have a 100% satisfaction Guarantee or your money is cheerfully refunded.


 NOTE:   If your hair is super thin & fine, we recommend our Original Double Cross fine wire combs  or Plastic Comfy combs since both were originally engineered for that texture of hair.  

2. My Hair is Thick and Textured - Will Hairzing Hold In My Hair?

While the original Hairzings were made for thin fine hair, our founder soon realized her hair struggles were common with women with thick & textured hair as well so Larger sizes were added to accomodate more hair. She then got to work to design products that would work SPECIFICALLY for thick, textured, naturally curly, coily, kinky hair which also damages easily because of it’s natural composition.

HairZings with widely spaced extra long teeth were developed to snugly and safely secure lots of textured hair.  They use our strongest round metal wire which is flexible but almost impossible to break.  Rounded Metal Wire is the most hair friendly material available, it has less friction which keeps hair from frizzing, breaking, and cuticle damage as it slides in and out of hair like butter.   These HairZings are built to hold thick, textured, kinky, coily, long, heavy, and wavy hair gently and firmly, without curl disruption or slipping out of place. They also don’t  stretch out and lose shape like cheap elastics. 

 NOTE:   If your hair is thick and textured, we recommend our S-T-R-E-T-C-H Banana Combs, Wide Toothed Combs and Original Large Double Cross Combs for your hair type.


3. Is Hairzing Safe For Tender-Heads And Young Girls?

Yes, countless parents trust HairZing with managing their little one's hair. 

The comb teeth are safe, soft, rounded and built specifically for fragile heads of hair. The teeth do not tangle, snag, or pull hair - we guarantee it.


4. How Long Does My Hair Have To Be To Use Hairzing?

For buns, ponytails, twists, and updos, hair should be  shoulder-length or longer. With shorter hair - a Medium size will pull back part of your hair, often called a “half up half down” style.  Saves you the annoyance of bangs, layers and hair falling in your face.

5. Can you Guarantee That Hairzing Will Lessen Damage on My Hair?

Because of the ForeverFlex™ stretch bands and the unique way HairZing works with your head (not your hair) to hold the style you want, HairZing's claim to fame is that it absolutely will not damage your hair.  

If you're having trouble with the HairZing holding your hair in any way, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. 

Orders, Shipping and Delivery

1. How Do I Pay For My Order?

In our store, we accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal. 

Do You Offer Discounts?

We offer our best, juiciest and most exciting discounts only to ZingFling members.  Once you sign up for ZingFling (It’s FREE to sign up and we never share or sell your information!)  you receive our monthly email with a ZingFling promotional code.   ZingFling members get the absolute best discounts you won't see anywhere else.    Want to be the first to know about sales, discounts, specials, and more? Sign up for our ZingFling email newsletter. 

2. How Long Does Shipping Take?

We process and ship orders Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM PT and until 12 noon on Saturday. Orders placed outside of these hours will be processed the next business day.  We are closed Sunday and all holidays to give our staff valuable family time. If you place your order after 12 PM PT on Saturday, your order will be processed on Monday morning.

3. Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally.  We ship United States Postal Service but you can choose Fed Ex or other international carriers at checkout too.   When you place your order online, the checkout will list the price including international shipping rates.  We know it is a higher cost, so in EVERY international package we include numerous free merchandise (genuine HairZing top quality products)  to help offset your shipping fees.      

Do You Offer Free Shipping?

We offer free shipping across the USA. All day.  Every day.

What Is Your Return Policy?

Our return policy allows for all merchandise to be returned 30 days after purchase. 

We will immediately email you a return shipping label.  Once you receive it, check the items you're returning, print your return label and attach it to the package. Cover or remove any old shipping labels.  Finally just drop the package into any mailbox or give to any Postal Carrier.  You can even track your return to make sure we get it.  We issue a full refund within 3 days of receiving your package directly to the credit card used to purchase.

4. What Should I Do If My Order Is Lost, Stolen, Or Damaged?

Lost & Stolen:  You will receive an online notification of your package being delivered to your home or mailbox.  Please let us know ASAP if you do not receive because we can track it internally as well.  Often the US Postal Service tech system is ahead of the physical delivery which happens within 24 hours, BUT  if the Carrier did leave and you did not receive, we will send a replacement at no charge.

If you receive a damaged or defective item, contact us immediately via email at customercare@hairzing.com, or call 1-888-402-4247.   If you would be so kind, please send us an image  showing the damage to customercare@hairzing.com. Our customer service team will replace it immediately.


5. How Can I Track My Order?

An email with a link from the USPS is sent immediately when your order ships. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your regular email.   Status updates are sent from: customercare@hairzing.com .  


6. How Long Do Orders Take To Arrive?

99% of orders placed on www.HairZing.com ship within 1 business day. You’ll receive an email with tracking information upon shipment.  We ship from Oakland, California and orders normally arrive 2-4 days after shipping within the Continental USA.  Orders to Alaska and Hawaii often take 2-3 extra days.  You can upgrade your shipping options for a faster delivery at checkout if you have a specific deadline or event you need to wear your HairZing for.


7. How Do I Cancel My Order?

Orders ship fast, so it is most likely gone within the same day.   When you receive an order confirmation email, you will need to reach out to customer support 888-402-4247 or customercare@hairzing.com for return instructions. If you managed to refuse delivery from the shipping carrier, please let us know so we will be on the look-out for it and can send a refund right away.


Care & Durability

1. What Is The Best Way To Care For My Hairzing?

Besides trying to avoid running them over with a truck, we recommend wiping them with a damp cloth and patting dry with a towel.  :)   To avoid tangling, you can store and carry your HairZings in the reusable pouch they came in.


2. Can Hairzings Be Worn In The Water?

Yes! In fact unless we specifically state otherwise, HairZings can be safely worn in steam rooms, swimming pools, lakes, oceans, rivers, and ponds. They also work great in marathons, yoga classes, doing gymnastics, under bicycle helmets, and during earthquakes. The metal combs have a protective coating, and we choose materials that are not damaged by moisture.   


3. Will The Bands Break If I Stretch Them Too Far?

It is possible, but difficult to do under normal circumstances. Our polyelastomer-resin and natural rubber covered elastic stretch bands are created from extremely strong materials and designed to stretch without breaking. Realistically you won't be stretching the combs more than 6 inches apart and our bands are more than capable of that


4. Will They Lose Teeth Or Break?

The teeth of all our combs are designed to be flexible, so they will bend without breaking.  The wire teeth are specifically made to separate around your roots and be pushed back into place. 

The plastic teeth are ingenious if we do say so ourselves.  Designed to flex and move instead of being dead weight in your hair.  Ya gotta feel “em to believe ‘em.