How HairZing Revolutionized the Hair Accessories Industry

Our Incredible Journey So Far

HairZing is a small, continually growing, woman founded and family operated hair accessories designer and manufacturer based in Oakland, CA.

Our Founder, Francesca Kuglen, invented and patented HairZing (our comfortable, stretchable hair accessories) because nothing existed to hold her baby thin fine hair without damaging it. Quickly expanding into accessories specifically designed for thick, curly, coily natural hair, we have never looked back.

Our solutions and products are so unique, we patent them. We are often copied… but never duplicated..

Sure, we could make more money by selling cheap elastics, clips and claws but we know the real damage they cause to your hair, and we believe in ourselves enough to take a tougher path.

From humble beginnings, HairZing grew steadily, setting itself apart with exclusive, engineered and tested solutions. Today, over 5 million handcrafted HairZings adorn women worldwide, offering comfort, style and healthier hair every time you wear.

Since 2006, we are also committed to making the lives of women and girls better whenever we can through creating jobs, donating to women’s organizations helping uplift women who have been knocked down by some of the worst life has to offer, and supporting educational projects for women and girls.

HairZing products help busy women like you put your hair up quickly & comfortably without damaging it…so you can focus without distractions and get more done.

We’ve earned the trust of millions of women with our approach. We’d like to earn your trust too.

We take care of our team

Creating jobs for women is especially important to community transformation - research shows that women will spend up to 90% of their earnings on the health, nutrition and education of their families.

Turning women into breadwinners is a core value at HairZing, because creating handcrafted work is often looked down upon. That's why we provide well paying work with dignity, and worker friendly conditions that improve women's status in the community and build individual self-esteem.

We 100% design our HairZing Accessories in Oakland, California, USA. We manufacture in both the USA and in rural China, using collectives.

We do NOT manufacture in large factories in the main cities of China. We pride ourselves on the fact that we set up our own work centers in rural China so the women who help us create HairZing do not have to move away from their homes and children to find work.

They are paid well and get to tuck their children into bed at night. Children are always welcome to come sit beside their moms and do homework after school, and then go home together.