Our Incredible Journey So Far.

HairZing is a small, constantly growing, women-owned and operated company based in Oakland, CA. Our Founder, Francesca Kuglen invented a comfortable, stretchable hair accessory because nothing existed to hold her baby thin fine hair without damaging it. It turns out millions of women had the same problem, and we were soon joined by women with long, short, thick, textured, sleek, and coily natural curls too.  HairZing is an original answer to a deeply held problem.

Life is calling, put your hair up and answer.

Creating jobs for women is especially important to community transformation - research shows that women will spend up to 90% of their earnings on the health, nutrition and education of their families. Turning women into breadwinners HairZing is Handcrafted in the Amazing Working conditions in China improves their status in the community, builds self-esteem and enables them to pool resources to improve infrastructure.

We make our products in collectives where the women in rural China can work at home with their children.

We do NOT manufacture in large factories in the cities of China. We pride ourselves on the fact that we set up our own work centers in rural China so the women who help us create HairZing do not have to move away from their homes and children to find work in the cities. They are paid  well and get to tuck their children into bed at night.  Children are always welcome to come sit beside their moms and do homework after school, and then go home together.

We are a women owned business committed to making the lives of women and girls better whenever we can.  We support educational projects for girls in the USA and in Kenya where we pay the tuition for a group of Maasai girls to ensure they complete school.