Austin - Wide Tooth Stretch Comb

$17.98 USD
Color: Silver Beaded

Silver beads create a perfect blend of elegance and practicality. This wide-tooth comb effortlessly glides through your locks, detangling with ease while adding a touch of sophistication.
What makes this product healthy for my hair?
  • Teeth are made of rounded Metal Wire with extremely low friction (much less than plastic). Glides in and out of hair like butter. Less friction = healthier, glossier hair.  
  • Its low friction teeth form a solid wide “pyramid” base to balance & evenly distribute the weight of your hair, protecting your roots.
  • Hold securely & comfortably all day until you take it out.
What hairstyles does this guarantee in 1 minute or less?

This comb easily creates 6 - 12 different hairstyles such as Ponytails, Buns, Pineapples, Twists, Half Up Half Down, Peacocks, Double Buns  

What is the size of the comb?

This comb is 3” long x 4” wide and stretches up to 8 inches to hold lots of hair

Color: Silver Beaded

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