Thick & Wavy Hair

HairZings hold differently, distributing and spreading thick hair to prevent it from tangling into knots. No curl disruption.  Glides into your hair as easily as they glide out.  Buh-bye to hours of untangling “basic” hair accessories that start out ok but twist & wrap around your hair within hours like a pretzel.  Patented and the choice of women in over 25 countries who trust us with their waves.
Why Are HairZing Products Good For My Hair?
  • Smooth round metal surfaces create less friction than any other material in hair.  Even the plastic version is smooth and supple to reduce friction helping curls avoid frizz. 
  • The wide strong base balances & distributes the weight of heavy hair, without pressure or headaches 
  • Extra long, smooth round teeth penetrate deeply into hair and hold without pulling.  The wire teeth have an open center so hair glides right through tangle-free. 
  • Both the wire and plastic teeth are engineered to FLEX around tender roots.
What Styles Can HairZing Help Me Create On My Hair”?
  •  Updo’s, buns, twists, and ponytails that look good on you. You can more gently wrap or twist your hair since the HairZing base and bands do all the heavy lifting.  
  • Comes with a simple instructional booklet, lots of short easy video’s, and our Customer Care Team is only a call away.  No skill or stylist ever required.
How Do Stretch Combs Work?
  • Specifically engineered to allow your hair to move freely while being “hugged” using the natural curve of your head and stretch bands to hold without slipping.  They don’t clamp onto your hair or interlock.  You adjust the combs and bands with a simple stretch that gives you a custom fit everytime.
  • HairZing products are patented, lightweight, flexible hair accessories designed for Hair Health by holding without putting pressure on hair.  They lay comfortably flat, adjust for snugness, and are built to last a long time.  
  • The base allows you to build volume while the sides and top of your hair have freedome to move. You can gently pull tendrils out around your face and neck without risk of breaking them.
What Types Of HairZing Work Best In My Hair?
  • You get them all!  S-T-R-E-T-C-H Banana Combs,  Original Double Cross  Beaded,  Casual Comfy Combs, and Wide Tooth Wire Combs all give you styling options.
What Is Your Guarantee?

All you need to do is pick one you love, buy it, and give it a try.  As a small family owned business since 2006, we stand behind every one of our products.  If you are not happy we are not happy and will absolutely refund or replace (your choice)  every penny immediately.

  • Watch this video for a quick demonstration of our unique patented product line.

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