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You asked and we listened.  Our first ever "Try Me" set, priced for gift giving to the women who keep commenting on how beautiful your HairZing looks. 

Take HairZing for a spin in your own hair, at the most affordable prices we have ever offered...Or treat a friend since quantities are limited.  

Under $20 for TWO handcrafted beauties in the most popular colors...Jet Black and Lustrous faux pearl beads with faceted glass accents.  (Regular price nearly $34.)     


  • Our most popular size.  Every woman loves pulling back  ponytails, bangs or sections of hair so she can focus without distractions. 
  • (Research has proven women consistently pull their hair back and up when they are intent on accomplishing something important...isn't science great?) 


  • Holds thick, fine & thin, wavy, sleek or wildly exuberant natural curls.
  • Great for ponytails, half up & half down sections, small buns, poofs and many twisted up-do's in all types of hair. 
  • (NOTE:  Super thick curly hair and Heavy Sleek hair may not be able to hold large single buns with one Medium...luckily the set has TWO MEDIUMS which when overlapped will secure nearly ANY thickness.)       


  • We hand-weave (YES, seriously) every comb to our specifications, then hand string beautiful beads onto our  proprietary resin, which is 10x stronger than elastic.  Only available at HairZing.


Our authentic patented comfort - Gentle & Snug all day hold without putting damaging pressure onto even one strand of hair. No pulling. No slipping. Finally.

  • Strong yet lightweight. Able to flex throughout the day.  Designed to slide in and out of even ridiculously textured hair without snagging.  
  • Love the versatility - twist it in the center, open the bands to pull through buns /poofs /ponytails, gently lock in low-manipulation hairstyles.
  • A traveler's dream! Cups the natural curve of the head so leaning back in planes, trains and automobiles isn't painful. 
  • Loved by children too. No more screaming while doing their hair.


1 Medium size Pearl (Double Cross pattern) & 1 Medium Jet Black  (Criss Cross pattern), completely hand woven and crafted by the women of HairZing.  A simple 4 step instruction card, all shipped inside a bio-degradable pouch for safe keeping without hurting the planet. 

Disclaimer: Online for USA and Canada customers only. Free Shipping. Maximum 12 sets per customer. No returns or exchanges. Very Limited  Quantity...once we are sold out....this set will not be offered again.

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