2-Pack Medium Pearl Banana Clip Set for Thin Fine Hair, Thick Curly Hair

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Graceful alluring white pearls that effortlessly complement a spectrum of colors, allowing it to seamlessly blend with any wardrobe. Whether worn with an updo or used to secure a casual ponytail, this accessory effortlessly elevates your style to both classic and contemporary.

"Try Me" sets make it easier to discover the world of Hairzing. You'll receive TWO of our best-selling combs for the price of one to affordably find out what the buzz is all about.
What Makes This Product Healthy For My Hair?
  • Smooth round Metal Wire has less friction in hair than any other material (plastic,  rubber, wood) Less friction = healthier, glossier hair.  Teeth glide in & out of hair.
  • Long low-friction teeth form a solid wide “pyramid” base to balance & evenly distribute the weight of your hair, protecting your roots.  No headaches. No pain. No kidding. 
  • Each tooth has an Open Center so hair pulls through like butter.  No tangling or pulling. 
  • PRESSURE-FREEHold.  “Hugs” in place using stretch & the natural curve of your head
What Hairstyles Am I Guaranteed In 1 Minute Or Less?
  • You can create FroHawks, Twists,  Buns, “Crown” Headbands, Afro Puffs, Bantu Knots in single row (horizontal or vertical)
What Is The Sizing Of This Comb?

MEDIUM Banana:  4 inches long x 4 inches wide and stretches 6 inches apart

Hairzing Hair Accessories Are Made To Last With Superior Quality.

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