Frequently Asked Questions

We're more than happy to answer your questions over the phone or via email, but you'll probably find your answer here. If you don't, please feel free to contact us.

What makes HairZing so unique?

HairZing operates on an original concept, and we've received multiple patents to prove it. Click here for the full list. Most accessories must put pressure on your hair to hold in place. (Think elastic bands, barrettes, claw clips etc.) Any time you see a crease or dent in your hair after taking out an have put too much damaging pressure on it. HairZing is the only accessory that holds snugly without exerting any pressure on your hair or clamping down onto it. Our combs and bands work together, balancing the weight of your hair between them, preventing headaches and pinching. Additionally, HairZing combs have no open edges to catch hair, our resin resists tangling and attaching to your hair, and HairZing's lay flat - this is the only hair accessory you can slip a helmet over easily. It is actually science....but feels like heaven.

Aren't these things called EZCombs?

Close! Actually, EZCombs used to be a major competitor who introduced their version years after HairZing became popular. We constantly encourage feedback from our fans, including the well known "Live Focus Groups". We take your feedback and design new, original concepts to meet the special needs for every type, texture, and length of hair. Just like pantyhose---One size accessory does NOT fit all types of hair. The proof is in our reviews.

Can't I get this at The Dollar Store for $2?

Sweetheart, don't do that to your hair or your head! HairZing has 4 patents that make it more comfortable, more functional, and longer lasting so you can rock your favorite styles over and over again - without the pain of those throw-away clips.

Aren't these things old news?

I remember wearing something like this in the 80's... Isn't it funny how trends tend to cycle? The best part is, when something from the past becomes popular again it is always a newer, upgraded version. We revolutionized the hair clips of old and made them more comfortable, functional, and longer lasting to support you as you start your own revolution.

Will the combs show in my hair?

No. Once the combs tuck underneath your hair, they are completely invisible. Even our original wire black combs will not show through light blond, thin hair. If your hair is super thin & fine, it is possible for the Wide Tooth combs to show - we don't recommend those for your hair because of the weight.

How do HairZings work?

HairZing is based on the principle of "stretch and contraction." We use the natural curve of the head It adapts to EVERY type of woman's hair -- thick, thin, long, short, and curly. You have all the control necessary to set the holding power in motion. Just stretch the combs far apart to make the hold snug and firm. For less hold, don't stretch them as much. Watch our videos to easily understand how to hold the combs and slide them into place.

Will HairZing hold in fine, thin hair?

Absolutely! In fact, our CEO/Founder Francesca has super fine, super thin hair (she says it falls out if you look at it wrong). We recommend you get a Medium of our Original Wire combs . How about natural textured, thick coily /curly hair? Our larger HairZings have plenty of S-T-R-E-T-C-H to gently hold all your kinks, coils, and curls. We recommend a LARGE Stretch Banana or any of the Wide Tooth Combs .

Will HairZing give me a headache or damage my hair?

No. In fact, many women love HairZings precisely because they are "hair friendly". The combs and bands balance and evenly distribute the weight of your hair to help avoid headaches. The tension between the combs is 100% adjustable so you ALWAYS get a Custom Fit. If the "hold" is too tight, simply push the combs closer together toward the center of your head. Their grip will immediately loosen in your hair. If too loose, simply s-t-r-e-t-c-h the combs further apart so they gently cup the curve of your head. The combs are specially designed to allow hair to pass cleanly through the teeth without catching or breaking. We take care to finish all comb surfaces so they have smooth, rounded edges.

Are the combs comfortable? Will they lose teeth or break?

We are comb connoisseurs and extremely proud of our lightweight, strong designs. Most women report they cannot feel the combs at all, just the snug, comfortable hold of the bands stretching in between. The teeth of all our combs are designed to be flexible, so they will bend without breaking.

How long does my hair have to be to use HairZing?

For buns, ponytails, twists, and updos your hair should be around shoulder-length. If your hair is shorter, don't worry - you can use a smaller comb to pull back part of your hair.

How many styles can I do with HairZing?

This answer depends on your hair - if it's fine and thin or very short, we guess you'll be able to do 3-4 quick and easy styles. If your hair is long or thicker, that number just goes up. We've done at least fifteen more things to her thick curls.

What is the difference between the large and medium sizes?

Mediums are great for finer, thinner, or sleeker hair, or women who only want to hold part of their hair back (hello, half-up/half-down styles). The stretch bands average 3" wide and the comb spines are 3" long. Large combs are better for thicker hair, with an average band width of 3.25" and comb spines 4.5" long.

Can HairZings be worn in the water?

Yes! In fact unless we specifically state otherwise, HairZings can be safely worn in steam rooms, swimming pools, lakes, oceans, rivers, and ponds. They also work great in marathons, yoga classes, doing gymnastics, under bicycle helmets, and during earthquakes. The metal combs have a protective coating, and our resins, elastics, ribbons, and beads are not damaged by moisture. We even put our Boho Metal through the dishwasher (but we don't recommend that). If you're worried, take a look at our silicone-banded combs .

What is the best way to care for my HairZing?

Besides trying to avoid running them over, we recommend wiping them with a damp cloth and patting dry with a paper towel. To avoid help tangling, you can store and carry your HairZings in the reusable pouch they came in!

Will the bands break if I stretch them too far?

It is possible, but difficult to do under normal circumstances. Our resin and stretch bands are created from extremely strong materials and designed to stretch without breaking. Realistically you won't be stretching the combs more than 6 inches apart and our bands are more than capable of that.

How did you come up with the name HairZing ?

When the Trademark office told us Coca Cola, Microsoft and Hershey's were already taken, we decided to come up with something more original. Actually, we began with the name "Hair Hugger" and for a brief time licensed the product under "Hair Genie," but on the fateful day we decided to build a company around this product we realized we wanted something fresh and NEW to match our direction. We like "Z" as a sound and a letter, and are aware that many women refer to their hair accessories as "my hair THING" so voila! "HairZing" was born.

Who designs the products?

Francesca, our product development team, and the women artisans themselves design our products. We also welcome customer feedback on colors, designs, and sizes because you are our laboratory. The input from brides and hairstylists moves us in one direction, while the athletes who call us are generally looking for something else.

Where and how are your products manufactured?

HairZings are handcrafted by women working independently in small businesses and collectives in rural China or the USA. We don't use factory labor because HairZing is intended to create jobs and opportunities for women in rural and economically disadvantaged communities. Every HairZing purchased supports hundreds of women and their families. Click here to read more about this aspect of our business.

Where else can I find HairZings?

This is the place! In 2019 we are expanding our selection at where you will be able to find styles not available anywhere else. You can also find us on Amazon, select live events and marketed as Scuncii Upzings throughout the world.

What is your privacy policy?

We value and protect your privacy at all times. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) utilizing 128 bit encryption. Your order is decoded and processed after it is received. In addition, we will never sell your information to anyone, ever. Click here to read our complete privacy policy.