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No-Damage Ponytails with the Perfect Ponytailer Double Comb

No-Damage Ponytails with the Perfect Ponytailer Double Comb

Do you wear your hair up in a ponytail? Ponytails are probably the easiest hairstyles women with longer hair can do easily. But at what cost? 

In this tutorial, you'll learn How To Wear a Ponytail properly with the perfect ponytail every single time. 

Believe it or not - elastics we use normally for ponytails do irreversible damage to your hair, and we're here to stop that. 

Watch the video below or follow along step by step to learn how you can use your Hairzing double comb with your ponytails, and follow along below with step-by-step visuals.

The problem with Elastics

Hair Elastics without a doubt cause irreversible damage to your hair. Why? Because of enormous pressure when it squeezes together to hold your hair.

Some companies try to evade this by putting special slippy materials so your hair doesn't catch as easily.

But it still breaks your hair.

Ponytail Elastics and Scrunches Rip Tear and Hurt

The truth is, friction is what causes damage to your hair when you use elastic. When you move, the elastic moves and force crushes your hair to keep it in place. As you move naturally, friction creates damage.

Now just imagine what's happening when you're at the gym or running.

Step by Step: How to Wear No-Damage Ponytails with the Perfect Ponytailer Double Comb

Step 1

Begin by combing your hair up and back into a high ponytail.

To create more height and volume on top, push your hair slightly forward towards your face hold your ponytail.

Step 1 Gather Hair into ponytail

Step 2

With your left hand, choose the ponytailer with the large center opening. Hold the first comb with the curve facing down so it hugs the curve of your head. 

Your thumb rests underneath your other fingers come up and through the center hole in the forever flex band slide first comb into your hair.

Step 2 Hold Ponytailer with round facing down

Step 3

Insert the first side into your hair near your ponytail.

Step 3 Pull Ponytail Through Hairzing

Step 4

Push your fingers through the ForeverFlex™ bands that protect and secure your ponytail.

Step 4 fingers through Ponytailer

Step 5

Grab the second comb with your left hand and your ponytail with your right. 

Step 6

Pull your ponytail all the way through the Forever Flex™ band.

Did you know? The Perfect Ponytailer helps make a perfect ponytail, every time. However, it's not the only hair accessory we make that helps make ponytails effortless. Be sure to browse our fine wire double combs that add some extra flair to your hair. 

Step 7

Next, stretch the second comb to the far side of your head. Flip teeth down so the rounded part and slide comb back into hair. 

Stretch and Flip HairZing Ponytailer

Step 8

Adjust for comfort. The rounded spine of the combs need to be sitting flat on your scalp. Pull the stretch further apart to create less tension and push the combs together to ease tension if you feel too much pulling.

The teeth from both combs will face each other underneath your hair but should not be touching. 

Perfect Ponytails for Natural Hair

Whether your braided hair is sleek, wavy, or curly, embrace the comfort updos are meant to provide with HairZing. It's comfortable. It comes in various colors. It provides unmatched quality, And, it's beautiful.

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