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How to do a Double Bow Style using HairZing

How to do a Double Bow Style using HairZing

In this tutorial, we are showing you the Black Flower Comfy Comb, but it can be accomplished with any medium fine wire double comb, like the Original Double Cross or Tahoe.

Watch Step by Step How to do a Double Bow Style below


Step 1

Start by securing a very high centered ponytail with an elastic.

Step 2

Split the ponytail into two sections and bring each section up towards the base creating the loops of the bow.

How to do a Double Bun Style with HairZing

Step 3

Bring up the ends of the ponytails up above your head toward the base of the ponytail. 

Double Bun Hairstyle Step Two Create the Loops

Step 4

Hold the ends in place with one hand and free up your other hand for the HairZing double comb.

Double Bow Style Step 3 Hold In Place

Step 5

Stretch the Forever Flex™ band over the center of the ponytail and secure the other comb below the base, pointing upward. 

Double Bow Hairstyle Tutorial Step 4 insert HairZing

In other words, HairZing is now in a vertical rather than a horizontal position (as it's usually worn). 

Double Bow Hairstyle Tutorial Step 6 insert HairZing on bottom to secure hold of double bow

Step 6

Fan out the bow loops and use hairspray as needed.

Pro hair tip: Apply hairspray all the way to the ends of your hair.  

Double Bow Hairstyle Tutorial step 6 Adjust for comfort
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