Original Double Cross Stretch Comb

Our first product – still a best seller 17 years later!!! Creates dozen of hair styles and can be worn vertically, horizontally, or on the side of your head as an accent–even in short, short hair..another part of its unique appeal. 
Why Is this so wonderful for my hair?
  • Handmade of a finer, strong metal wire with closely spaced teeth. WHY? Because metal creates less damaging friction in hair than any other material.  The first step to restoring & maintaining healthy  hair is eliminating friction whenever possible.
  • The Unique patented multi-tooth design is like wearing interconnected Bobbi pins that never tangle, effortlessly keeping your hair away from your face.

  • Forever Flex tm polyelastomer bands are 10x stronger than elastic band and won’t stretch out. Our own patented formula.
  • The curved combs snugly hold in place using the natural curve of your head.  So comfortable you might forget you are wearing them.  Won’t slip out.
Which size for my hair? 
  • Thick & Wavy hair:  LARGE.  It provides a wide strong base (like a pyramid)  to balance and evenly distribute the weight of your thick hair. 
  • Thick & Wavy Curly Hair can also wear MEDIUM for sections—like Half up Half down, Ponytails, and small buns!  
  • Sleek, Thin, or Fine:  Choose MEDIUM.  It provides a wide lightweight base that you need to lift your finer texture hair.
Are they adjustable?
  • Stretch a lot, or just a little, depending on how much (or how little) hair you have.  You get a custom fit every time. 
  • If HairZing ever feels too tight, gently push the combs together for a looser hold.
What is your guarantee?
  • As a small family-owned business since 2006, your comfort is our top priority at HairZing. We stand behind and 100% guarantee our hair styling accessories. Any issues are handled immediately with a replacement or reimbursement–your choice. We are not happy unless you are happy. If you have any issues with any of our stretch clips please contact us and we will make things right for you immediately.

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