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Meet Francesca Kuglen

I began with a simple vision: to put my hair up & back without damaging it. 

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Sounds easy, except that hair elastics, claws, clips, bobbi pins and barrettes all hold through pressure. Anything that clamps down onto, or twists tightly around the hair, damages your hair. 

The resulting breakage weakens your once healthy hair, leaving it dull and lifeless. 

I’ve lived with thin, baby fine, wispy hair my entire life. I could never stylishly pull it back out of my face because every accessory slipped out, damaged my hair, or pulled it back so tightly my scalp showed. 

Nothing looked professional. 

My friends with thick textured hair had similar problems, but in addition, they wasted a lot of money on cheap hair accessories that couldn’t handle their volume and quickly broke.

Since nearly everything available takes a “one size fits all” approach, I had to start from scratch. Re-thinking and re-tooling every aspect to minimize friction while maximizing stretch and hold.

Francesca Kuglen

If you can’t find what you want, make it yourself

I rethought everything about hair accessories from scratch because everything already available at the corner store held my hair- but with brute force and tight pressure, literally destroying it. 

I wanted one accessory strong enough to lift hair off the back of the neck, yet lightweight enough to hold and balance that hair without pulling it, a huge cause of tension headaches. 

Something that offered a signature custom stretch fit because “one size does NOT fit all” when it comes to our hair. An original design, not a tired copy. Exclusive, handcrafted quality. 

Oh, and it had to actually work and create multiple styles without causing damage. 

I searched the globe for, and often had to invent, the low friction materials we use. 

The result is HairZing, the “hair healthy” solution that balances the weight of your hair, distributing it evenly across the natural curve of your head. 

Together, they “stretch and return,” moving with you throughout the day, always returning to snugly hold in place without re-adjusting.

Francesca Kuglen About HairZing Accessories

Celebrating and designing real solutions for every type, texture, and length of hair differentiated us from the beginning

From humble beginnings, HairZing grew steadily by word-of-mouth. A signature custom fit, exclusive designs, and versatility that won’t go out of style differentiated us from the start.

Today, more than 6 million handcrafted HairZings are being worn by women worldwide, living their lives out loud.

Using the natural curve of the head and hair healthy materials chosen to minimize friction in the hair, each HairZing has a signature custom fit because “one size does NOT fit all” when it comes to our (women’s) hair.

Anyone who has ever squeezed into shoes that pinch and ache, bras that poke or pantyhose and undergarments that impair your breathing will understand. Women thrive best when we can think, breathe, and move freely.

Affordable quality, beauty, and strength - we enthusiastically celebrate and respect every type & texture of hair- you deserve nothing less.