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The Perfect Ponytail

The Perfect Ponytail

Begin by holding the first comb with the curve facing down so it hugs the curve of your head

Your thumb rests underneath and your other fingers come up and through the stretch bands

Comb your hair up and back into a high ponytail

To create more height and volume on top push your hair slightly forward towards your face hold ponytail with your left hand slide first comb into hair with your right hand

Pull the ponytail through the opening in the stretch bands that your fingers created

Press the palm of your hand down to hold first comb in place

Grab the second comb and stretch it far enough to feel the stretch. The stretch "activates" the hold correctly. 

Flip teeth of comb number two down, tuck and slide back into hair.

The teeth from both combs will face each other underneath your hair, but should not touch or intersect.


Product used: Original HairZing Double Comb - Fine Wire

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