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Basic Pull Back for Long Thin Hair

Basic Pull Back for Long Thin Hair

For sleek fine and thin hair that accessories usually slide out of easily, one option is to use the medium -  it measures a full inch smaller across the stretch bands and that makes for our most snug & secure hold.

The medium works the same way as other sizes. Begin by holding the first comb with the curve facing down so it will hug the curve of your head.

Your thumb rests underneath and your other fingers come up and through the stretch bands.

Pull back a section of hair and hold it with your left hand slide first comb straight into hair.

Reach your fingertips through comb number one and grasp hair being pulled back.

With free left hand grab comb number two and stretch it towards your other ear but you will notice immediately that due to its width it will not stretch as far as other sizes.

Flip comb number two down and slide back into your hair.

Adjust for comfort.

The more the combs are stretched apart the tighter the hold so gently push combs together if you want to looser grip, here's a tip: For best hold, position the combs on the high curve of your head not too low on the nape of your neck.

Products used: Original HairZing Double Comb - Fine Wire

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