Spike Silver Studded Banana Clip

$18.98 USD
Size: Large

A bold statement accessory adorned with silver spikes for an added element of flair.From jeans and a tee to a sophisticated evening dress, this banana clip effortlessly adapts to your personal style. Edgy, confident, and uniquely yours.

What Makes This Product Healthy For My Hair?
  • Smooth round Metal Wire has less friction in hair than any other material (plastic,  rubber, wood) Less friction = healthier, glossier hair.  Teeth glide in & out of hair.
  • Long low-friction teeth form a solid wide “pyramid” base to balance & evenly distribute the weight of your hair, protecting your roots.  No headaches. No pain. No kidding. 
  • Each tooth has an Open Center so hair pulls through like butter.  No tangling or pulling. 
  • PRESSURE-FREEHold.  “Hugs” in place using stretch & the natural curve of your head
What Hairstyles Am I Guaranteed In 1 Minute Or Less?
  • You can create FroHawks, Twists,  Buns, “Crown” Headbands, Afro Puffs, Bantu Knots in single row (horizontal or vertical)
What Is The Sizing Of This Comb?

LARGE Banana:  6 inches long x 4 inches wide and stretches 6 inches apart
MEDIUM Banana:  4 inches long x 4 inches wide and stretches 4 inches apart

Size: Large

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