Our Story

Meet Francesca Kuglen

Francesca Kuglen set out on a journey driven by a straightforward yet profound need: to pull back her hair without causing damage. What might seem like a small concern was actually significant, as she found that conventional hair accessories often led to hair breakage, leaving it dull and lifeless.

Dealing with her own fine, wispy hair, Francesca struggled to find a solution that was both stylish and gentle. Every accessory she tried either slipped out, caused damage, or was too tight, exposing her scalp.

This issue was not unique to her. Francesca's friends, particularly those with thick, textured hair, faced their own challenges. They frequently invested in low-cost hair accessories that failed to manage their hair's volume and durability, leading to frequent breakages and wasted money.

Francesca's endeavor is more than a personal quest; it's a response to a common problem affecting individuals with various hair types, seeking a balance between style and hair health.

If you can’t find what you want, make it yourself

Since nearly everything available takes a “one size fits all” approach, I had to start from scratch. I rethought every aspect of hair accessories in a bid to minimize friction while maximizing stretch and hold.

The goal was clear: a solution strong enough to lift hair without damage, lightweight yet effective, could create multiple hairstyles and offer a custom stretch fit. After scouring the globe for low-friction materials, HairZing was born – a "hair healthy" accessory balancing the weight of hair with a signature custom fit without readjusting.

How HairZing Revolutionized the Hair Accessories Industry

girl wearing banana comb


Celebrating and designing real solutions for every type, texture, and length of hair differentiated us from the beginning

Anyone who has ever squeezed into shoes that pinch and ache, bras that poke or pantyhose and undergarments that impair your breathing will understand. Women thrive best when we can think, breathe, and move freely.

Our journey revealed an ugly truth – traditional accessories, controlled by a few companies, prioritize profit over hair health. Inexpensive to produce, they cause damage to customers' hair without  a care.  I find this ironic since customers care. HairZing became the answer for millions of women of varying hair types, facing similar problems, earning trust through innovative solutions and patented designs.

Comfort, style, and healthy hair are at the core of our mission. We've researched the science of hair, collaborated with women globally, and patented unique solutions, ensuring we're often imitated but never duplicated. The women who choose HairZing daily seek not just accessories but a commitment to healthy, vibrant hair.

Our Incredible Journey So Far

HairZing is a small, continually growing, woman founded and family operated hair accessories designer and manufacturer based in Oakland, CA.

From humble beginnings, HairZing grew steadily, setting itself apart with exclusive designs and a commitment to real solutions for every hair type. Today, over 6 million handcrafted HairZings adorn women worldwide, offering comfort and style.

Affordable quality, beauty, and strength - we enthusiastically celebrate and respect every type & texture of hair- you deserve nothing less.

We take care of our team

Our dedication extends beyond products to creating jobs for women. Recognizing the transformative power of empowering women economically, we provide well-paying work with dignity and worker-friendly conditions. Our manufacturing spans the globe, from Oakland to Kenya and rural China. 

With a focus on uplifting communities rather than contributing to large factories in urban centers, 

We pride ourselves on the fact that we set up our own work centers in rural China so the women who help us create HairZing do not have to move away from their homes and children to find work in the cities. We also support educational projects for girls in the USA and in Kenya

Since 2006, we are a woman founded, family operated business committed to making the lives of women and girls better whenever we can. 

Life is calling, put your hair up and answer.