Double Cross Hair Comb for Thick Curly Hair

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Our Double Cross Hair Comb for Thick Textured, Heavy Hair is one of our bestsellers. Decorative Butterfly style design - completely original and patented.

Doesn't stretch out - Instead of barrettes or alligator clips, use this cool comb which actually holds your heavy hair up without damaging or breakage. 

Tame your out of control waves & curls - Flattering hairstyles earn you compliments. 100% secure, keeps your hair up all day, even with constant pull from heavy hair. This is the most comfortable hair clip you will ever own. Most of our customers buy more than 3. 

Highly versatile - Simple to use, strong and durable. Twist it in the center, stretch open the elastic bands to pull your favorite bun/poof/ponytail through without worrying about breakage. 

Easy Protective Styles - Saves you time and money by styling your hair in seconds into over a dozen trendy styles. Use it to gently lock in a low-manipulation or protective hairstyle. Safe to wear in wet or dry hair.

Hair Healthy - No breakage. No damage. No rusting. Limits friction to stop your hair from knotting and tangling. Curved to fit the natural shape of your head. Lays flat so you can lean back without pulling or pain. 

Comfortable - Fall asleep with it on. Unlike claw type clips and hard barrettes, it's rounded and doesn't dig into your scalp. Stretches to custom-fit your hair, because size matters. The only hair accessory that fits under hats and helmets.

Practical and Ideal for Everyday Use - HairZing are perfect to hold your hair up in heat and humidity. Wear with all-day hold at work, school, church, yoga, dance, night out, birthday, prom, wedding. Great for pools and water activities.

Can be used by kids too! Great as a gift.

Have thin, baby fine hair? Check out our fine hair double comb model


  • Measures 4 inches long (top to bottom)
  • Elastic Stretches 4 - 7 inches

Why is size important? Extra long, designed to capture multiple layers of long, wavy, curly hair. Comb is larger than our fine thin hair double cross, with special wire teeth to hold roots snugly in thick, textured hair.

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