Special Offer -"Try Me" 2 Pack Set for Thick, Heavy, Wavy & Curly Hair

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Put your hair up and Go! No need to adjust. Featuring HairZing ForeverFlex™ Stretch Technology that adjusts to your hair so it holds without slipping or breaking your hair. So comfortable that you do not get headaches that come with wearing elastics and claw clips.Create some of the most flattering hairstyles. By sweeping your hair up, your eyes and curve of your face are accented and your hair seems thicker and more voluminous. Buy a LARGE if you have LOTS of hair! Otherwise choose a medium.
What makes this product healthy for my hair?
  • Long smooth rounded teeth are engineered to move apart and flex around hair roots.
  • Rounded tips won't scratch scalp or get snagged in hair.
  • Both comb teeth face together forming a solid wide “pyramid” base to balance & evenly distribute the weight of your hair, protecting your roots.
  • Hold securely & comfortably all day until you take it out.
What hairstyles does this guarantee in 1 minute or less?

This comb easily creates 6 - 12 different hairstyles such as Ponytails, Buns, Pineapples, Twists, Half Up Half Down, Peacocks, Double Buns  

What is the size of the comb?

2 MEDIUM combs: 4” long x 4” wide, stretches to 6 inches. Medium size holds ALL of Fine Thin hair or smaller sections of Thick, Curly, Coily hair for ponytails, buns, etc.
If you have lots of hair -- Choose either one LARGE or wear 2 MEDIUMS.
1 LARGE Comb: 6 inches long x 4" wide, stretches to 8 inches.

Size: Large
Color: Black Cord and White Pearl
Size: Large
Color: Black Cord and White Pearl

HairZings are handcrafted for superior, long lasting quality

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