Natural Textured Hair

The natural journey means advocating for our hair…finding NEW healthy ways to style our magic curls, coils & kinks that don’t damage the progress.  Best way to grow curls is to respect them.  Keep pressure, friction and tension at a minimum, and especially give our roots a break. And YES, with HairZing we can rock the same styles in less time without damage.
What Is HairZing?
  •  HairZing are patented, flexible hair accessories designed for Hair Health.  Using two combs and stretch bands they hug the curve of the head holding snug without slipping. Engineered to evenly distribute the weight of hair instead of forcing it to be compressed, they are non-damaging to wear with natural curls, coils, kinks of ALL textures.
Why Are HairZing Products Good For My Hair?
  • Creates a wide, strong base to balance & distribute the weight of heavy hair.  No pressure or headaches! 
  • Extra long, smooth round metal wire teeth anchor in place without pulling.
  • Teeth engineered to FLEX around tender roots.
  • Fits tons of curls without stretching out.
  • Easy to clean, won’t absorb oils.
Which Styles Can HairZing Help Me Create In My Hair?
  •  Large and Medium Stretch Banana Combs: FroHawks, Afro Poofs, Buns, “Crowns”, Bantu Knots in a straight line = Vertical or Horizontal
  • Wide Tooth Wire:  Pineapples, Dreadlocks. Locs, Buns=sweep bun inside under beaded mesh , Afro Poofs and Ponytails = pull hair through the center of bands 
  • Original Double Cross: Half up Half Down, Bangs Back, Double Buns, Ponytails + Afro Poofs depending on amount of hair being pulled through the center  
  • Create big voluminous styles by piling hair from the sides up on top of the wide base.  You can tuck your ends inside to hide the base.
How Do Stretch Combs Work?
  • Slide one comb into your hair, keeping combs in contact with your scalp. 
  • S-T-R-E-T-C-H the bands  UP & OVER the “pyramid” base.
  • Just remember the more the bands are stretched–the tighter the hold. If they feel too tight, slide the combs out and re-set them, pushing them closer together.  You will find you don’t have to stretch as much as you thought.
What Is Your Guarantee?
  •  All you need to do is pick one you love, buy it, and give it a try.  As a small family owned business since 2006, we stand behind every one of our products.  If you are not happy - we are not happy - and will absolutely refund or replace (your choice)  every penny immediately.         
  • Watch this video for a quick demonstration of 3 great products for Natural Hair.

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