Cord Banana Clip for Thick Curly Hair

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The perfect everyday Banana Comb for Wavy Curly and Textured Hair that stretches to hold comfortably with secure elastic & glossy satin cord for a no breakage protective hairstyle.

The ONLY Round Metal Wire Banana Comb with a stretch mechanism available. Anywhere. On Planet Earth.  Each is made 100% by hand - cannot be mass produced.

Comfortable and secure elastic hinges and glossy satin cord make this the quintessential accent to any (or every) outfit.

To wear our current Large Banana you must have A LOT of hair, even if the texture is fine.  

Reinvented Banana Clip design from the 80's

Except these banana clips will not stab or scrape your scalp, and there is no rough hard plastic edges to crush your beautiful curls' growth and healing progress.

Creates volume, adds bounce and shape to all types of hair. Gets hair up, off the neck. When hair is swept back and up off the face, that hair is piled on top of the hair already on back of head, creating the illusion of more hair.

Coupled with the profile of seeing cheek bones and highlighting the eyes, Banana Combs create some of the most flattering hairstyles. It is the reason even traditional banana combs are one of the most historically popular hair accessories, despite the limitations in the design of traditional Bananas.

About the Cord Banana Clip for Thick, Wavy Curly Hair:

  • Super Stretch Elastic Bands - incredible 9-inch stretch design that gives your hair a strong hold - but gentle for protection and growth at the same time. No headaches, sliding, breakage, pulling or damage. 
  • Protective Satin Cord Ribbon -  A casual style hair band with satin cord wrapped around  Each is made 100% by hand - cannot be mass produced.. Our Metal is safe and NOT attached to elastic so that your hair does not get pulled or snagged. Faux leather wraps the combs completely and is soft and extra cushy comfortable against scalp.
  • Hair Healthy Design - Great for layered hair or hair that is growing out at different lengths. Eliminate the frustration of hair falling in your eyes and coming undone, needing lots of different pins, clips, elastics to hold back.
  • Adds Volume to Your Hair - Protect your hair from the damage caused by washing & heat. Can be worn with wet or dry (product free) hair. Treat your hair well with simple low manipulation styles.  
  • Rounded metal wire construction - Lightweight, spaced, and rounded perfectly round covered field wire in two different thicknesses for frictionless separation and sliding in and out of your hair roots. Does not damage hair or stab your scalp. 
  • Headache Free All Day Hold - Patented, rounded design allows the comb to lay naturally (not flat - ouch!) on the curve of your head - it’s so comfortable you can fall asleep with it on.
  • Easy, Flattering Hairstyles - Styles Faux Hawks and Frohawk’s in seconds! It’s wild enough for night outs, classy for dinner parties and chic for an everyday look. With one banana comb you can achieve multiple looks for any occasion.
  • Great Gift for All Ages - This comb even works for young girls, allows 6-12 different hair styles so you change your look every day.
  • Different Sizes for Different Hair Types - We know one size does not fit all! Each is made 100% by hand and cannot be mass produced because we designed them to fit different hair types specifically. 


  • Banana Comb is 4 inches long.
  • Wire teeth length 1.5 inches from top of spine to tip of tooth.
  • Elastic Double Comb Stretch up to 8 Inches.
  • Perfect for shorter or medium length hair with fine, thin or straight and sleek textured hair. Great for layered hair or hair that is growing out at different lengths.
  • LOTS of hair? Buy two if you have a ton of hair you want to get off your neck!
  • Thin/Fine Sleek or Straight hair that is light textured? Your best bet is to try our Medium Cord Banana Clip for Thin Fine Hair.


Banana Comb Care Instructions:

  1. Clean by wiping with a damp cloth, do not submerge in water
  2. Teeth bend but don’t break. Push teeth back to original position if they flex too much

Create Popular (Protective) Hairstyles with Banana Combs:

  • Faux Hawk/Frohawk
  • Banana Buns
  • Twists + Cornrows
  • Fro Hawk
  • Faux Hawk
  • Bantu Bun Banana
  • Coils Banana
  • Half up Half Down
  • High Ponytail Cascade 
  • Multiple Buns
  • French Twist

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