Double Cross Hair Comb for Fine Thin Hair

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Fine Tooth Wire Combs


The double-cross pattern is highly versatile - twist it in the center, open the bands to pull your favorite bun/poof/ponytail through, use it to gently lock in a low-manipulation hairstyle… the possibilities are endless.

Put your hair up in seconds and wear all day without headaches, sliding, breakage or damage.

Buy a MEDIUM size for shoulder length hair or fine hair. Medium is perfect for fine, thin, shorter hair OR Sleek Straight medium-length hair.

UpDos & French Twists in seconds OR open the bands wide to pull ponytails, buns & puffs through.

Hair Healthy and comfortable! No tangles. Lies flat on your head so you can lean back without pain.

Can be used by kids too! Great as a gift.

Fine & Thin hair?
Medium is the size for you!

Sleek & Straight hair?
The best size for you is a Medium. If your hair is super long or super thick, you might want to try a Large.

Thick & Curly/Wavy hair?
You'll definitely want a Large for all those curls. If you only want to pull part of your hair back, try a Medium.

Natural hair?
Large is the size for you! You can also use a Medium to pull part of your hair back.


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