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How To Wear a Braided Bun (No Pins or Clips) the Healthy way

How To Wear a Braided Bun (No Pins or Clips) the Healthy way

Do you wear your hair braided? Braiding your hair is one of your best options when it comes to protecting your hair during colder weather.

In this tutorial, you'll learn How To Wear a Braided Bun with the braids you're already comfortable wearing, without having to use pins or clips. 

Pins and clippies can crease and put damaging pressure on your hair making it harder to maintain a healthy look.

Believe it or not - clips, pins and claws do irreversible damage to your hair, and we're here to stop that.

Watch the video below or follow along step by step to learn how you can use your Hairzing double comb with your braids.

The problem with pins and clips

Hair Bobbi Pins and Clips without a doubt cause irreversible damage to your hair.

These seemingly harmless accessories can cause quite a bit of damage to your hair and scalp. Some companies try to evade this by putting rubber ends on them.

But the truth is, friction is what causes damage to your hair. These sharp metal or plastic pins and clips force crush your hair to keep it in place, and as you move naturally, friction creates damage.

Now just imagine what's happening when you're active like going for a jog or hike.

Step by Step: How to Wear a Braided Bun the Healthy Way

Braid your hair into one or many braids. You don't need an elastic on the ends, just twist together and wrap into a bun.

Take your HairZing Double Comb, and hold the first comb with the curve facing down, so it hugs the curve of your head. 

Your thumb rests underneath. Your other fingers come up and through the stretch bands.

Hold HairZing Combs Rounded Curve Down

Secure the roll snugly with a comfy comb.

Insert Double Comb into Braided HairStyle

Stretch the second comb over your braids. The further apart the stretch, the tighter the grip.

How to Stretch ForeverFlex Comfy Comb over Braided Hairstyle

Flip the second comb so that the teeth face the first comb.

Insert HairZing Comfy Comb into Braided Hairstyle

Adjust for comfort.

Adjust HairZing ForeverFlex Comfy Comb for comfort

The rounded spine of the combs need to be sitting flat on your scalp. Pull the stretch further apart to create less tension and push the combs together to ease tension if you feel too much pulling. 

Hair Tip: Damp hair is easier to braid. Plus, when it dries and you let your hair down, you will have added natural looking waves to your hair. 

Whether your braided hair is sleek, wavy, or curly, embrace the comfort updos are meant to provide with HairZing. It's comfortable. It comes in various colors. It provides unmatched quality, And, it's beautiful.

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