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How to make a Coils Ponytail (Tutorial)

How to make a Coils Ponytail (Tutorial)

Step one

Gather your hair back across the widest part of the curve and hold. With your left hand, make certain hair is up higher not at the nape of the neck.

Step two

With your right hand hold first comb with the curve facing downward like an upside down you your thumb rest underneath the curve and remaining fingers come up through the bands to rest on top of the comb.

Step three

Slide comb number one flat into your hair teeth gently in contact with your scalp stop when the comb spine is one to two inches past your first ear reach fingers through stretch bands to grasp hair being held in left hand switch hands right hand now holds hair and left hand to spray.

Step four

Grab second comb with left hand and stretch it as far as possible before flipping it under and sliding it back into the hair.

Step five

Separate three smaller sections of hair from your ponytail, one from each side and one from the top of the ponytail. Twist each section around your finger three to four times so that you can control it.

Reach back with your left hand and lift up the top beaded band with your right fingers. Tuck the twisted end section of hair underneath the band let the band snap back in place holding the section of hair snugly. This adds volume to any pony tail length giving it the look of a casual updo the band's hold the hair effortlessly in place all day.

Products Used: HairZing Comfy Comb

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