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How to Create a Coil Bun for Thick Curly Hair

How to Create a Coil Bun for Thick Curly Hair

Part One

For a top coil hairstylle, section hair into a ponytail high on your head.

Hold the ponytail base with your left hand and firmly twist the entire length of ponytail with your other hand until it cannot twist anymore.

Wrap twisted hair around itself at the base continue wrapping in a circular motion until a round bun has been created.

Tuck the end of the tail under and into the bun, especially if your hair is sleek and silky. The bun will hold better the more deeply the ends are wrapped underneath it.

Use your left hand to hold coiled bun in place. Slide the first side of the HairZing comb into your hair and make certain the teeth extend underneath the bun. It is important that the teeth and comb are resting against the scalp not the hair itself. This "anchors" the coil to your head more securely.

Reach through the ForeverFlex™ stretch bands with the finger tips of your right hand and release left hand.

Grasp the other side of the Hairzing comb with your left hand and stretch it up and over the coil.

Part Two

Section hair into a ponytail below the first bun, and repeat step one.

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