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How to: 3 Natural Hair Protective Styles in Seconds (Save Tons of Time)

How to: 3 Natural Hair Protective Styles in Seconds (Save Tons of Time)


Managing natural hair is difficult. It can take forever to style, you have to constantly adjust throughout the day, and many natural hair accessories out there cause breakage and irreversible damage to your curls!

Wouldn't it be nice if there was an easier, faster, safer way? (There is!)

In this video, Ariel from HairZing shows you how to quickly create 3 beautiful natural hair protective styles in seconds. Just a fraction of the time you'd spend carefully placing bobbi pins (only to have them stab your scalp).

Watch how easily she does it while live on camera, without any extra product, bobbi pins, or elastics. Because you know those don't hold your big thick beautiful hair anyway.

3 Natural Hair Protective Styles in this video:

  • Pineapple Puff - transform into a tropical goddess
  • Afro Poof
  • Ballerina Bun

The Hairzing design featured in this video is the Wide Wire Stretch Comb, which works best with Type 2 through Type 4 curl patterns. 

If you describe your hair as fine or thin textured, this comb will also absolutely hold your hair. However, we've received feedback from customers that the size of the beaded design for this comb is large in contrast to heads with not a lot of hair.

The comb may appear large, unless you have a lot of hair that's mid-back length and longer. 

So, what's so special about this HairZing thing for Natural hair?

Hairzing works in a unique way that doesn't put damaging pressure on your hair. The way the rounded combs sit on your head rest on your scalp and "lifts" your hair up off of your head by creating a strong base, like a pyramid.

The stretch elastic between the combs is 10 times stronger than a normal elastic you'd find in stores on the shelves.

The sad part is, the natural hair accessories on the store shelves are not meant to actually hold long thick heavy hair.

Think about it, how many have you broken just in the past few weeks?

You owe it to yourself to try one. You won't believe it until you feel it.

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