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Twisted Strands: Master The Exquisite Faux Hawk Braid For Bold & Beautiful Hairstyles

Twisted Strands: Master The Exquisite Faux Hawk Braid For Bold & Beautiful Hairstyles

The faux hawk braid is a style that combines sexiness and power, showing a daring side that might catch people off guard who think they have you all figured out.   This eye-catching design is a contemporary take on the iconic Faux Hawk style, with braiding added for a fresh look. 

In this blog, we will go into the art of perfecting the Faux Hawk Braid, with recommendations for creating a confident-looking updo

What Is a Faux Hawk Braid?

This braid was historically an emblem of opposition and individualism, with its shaven wings and a conspicuous strand of hairs across the center. The look develops into a fresh look when braids are added, merging modern beauty with a hint of boho flair.

How To Do Faux Hawk Braid?

  • Essentials Of Faux Hawk 
  • Assemble the necessary equipment and supplies before beginning the styling procedure to get a shiny and silky result.

    Here are some of the essentials:

    • Styling Mist or Cream: Add texture and hold to your hair to simplify braiding.
    • Hairstyle: Holds the haircut in place and provides permanent grip.

    Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating a Faux Hawk Braid

    Step 1: Begin by washing and leaving your hair slightly damp. To make braiding easier, use a texturizing spritz or solution to enhance traction and structure. Brush your hair thoroughly to eliminate knots and make it easier to braid.

     Step 2: Part your hair into three sections, one on each side and one down the center of your head.  It’s important to keep the side portions out of the way while working on the center stripe, so we suggest you clasp it with something that puts the least  pressure on your hair, like a small claw clip, while you work.

    Step 3: Start by braiding the middle hair section into a French braid. Begin at the top, working downward, and add small sections of hair from both side sections as you go.  Knot your hair till it touches the back of your head.

    Step 4: Tighten the braid with a hair clip after it has approached the base of your neck. That helps keep your braid anchored as you work around the edges.

    Step 5: Remove or knot the hair on the sides. French braid each side, beginning at the forehead while working your way back. As you braid, include little parts of the leftover hair. Use a string to fasten every side of the braid.

    Step 6: Push firmly on the outer edges of every braid to provide dimension and thickness. This technique gives the faux hawk appearance an air of casual cool.

    Step 7: At last, bobby's pin can be used to fix any broken sections or fly away. 


    The faux hawk braid is an enthralling hairdo that blends the audaciousness of a traditional fake hawk with the delicate elegance of interwoven details. 

    Perfecting the braids gives up a world of stylistic options if you go to a musical celebration or an evening out with pals or wish to demonstrate your daring side. Embrace the unique blend of edge and female identity, and confidently sport your braids. 

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