Ruby Criss Cross Double Comb

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  • Embrace the Holiday sparkle!   This HairZing is highly versatile - twist it in the center, open the bands to pull your favorite bun/poof/ponytail through, use it to gently lock in a low-manipulation hairstyle… the possibilities are endless.  Available only in Large size.

    Put your hair up in seconds and wear all day without headaches, sliding, breakage or damage.

    UpDos & French Twists in seconds OR open the bands wide to pull ponytails, buns & puffs through.

    Hair Healthy and comfortable! No tangles. Lies flat on your head so you can lean back without pain.

    Can be used by kids too! Great as a gift.

  • Fine & Thin hair?   Do not purchase unless your hair is very long.
    Sleek & Straight hair?   If your hair is long or abundant, you can wear this comb.
    Thick & Curly/Wavy hair?   You'll definitely want a Large for all those curls. If you only want to pull part of your hair back, try a Medium.
    Natural hair?   Large is the size for you! You can also use a Medium to pull part of your hair back.

  • Step 1: Hold

    Slide your fingers through the bands.
    Your fingers should be on top of the arch of the comb. Place your thumb on the underside of the comb

    How to Use a HairZing: Step 1

    Step 2: Slide

    Gather your hair into desired hairstyle.
    With the teeth of the comb touching your scalp, slide the first comb in. The arch of the comb should match the curve of your head.

    How to Use a HairZing: Step 2

    Step 3: Stretch

    While continuing to hold the first comb in place, stretch second comb towards opposite ear.

    How to Use a HairZing: Step 3

    Step 4

    Flip the teeth downward and slide the second comb into your hair. When you're finished, the teeth of the second comb should be against your scalp and pointing towards the teeth of the first comb.

    How to Use a HairZing: Step 4

 Type:   Original Wire Comb

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