“Try Me!” Pack Comfy Comb - Stretchy Double Comb with Plastic for Thick Curly Hair

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Color: 3 Pack - Medium Brown knot and Large Black Cord

The classic black hue and the artful crochet detailing make for a look of sophistication on your hair. This comb is a versatile addition to your wardrobe, seamlessly blending with any casual or formal outfit. Let this comb be your everyday accessory for a confident, chic and functional style.
How Does It Work?
  • Two combs hug the natural curve of your head and work together with our Forever Flex ™ stretch bands to create a custom fit. Won’t stretch out.
  • Provides a wide strong "pyramid" base to balance and evenly distribute the weight of your thick hair. Raised spine hides stretch-bands so comb lays flat on your head.
  • Stretch further apart for a stronger, tighter hold, and push closer together to loosen the grip.
What Is So Wonderful About Comfy Combs For My Hair?
  • Authentic First Generation: Often copied but never duplicated.   You'll be thrilled to style your hair in 30 seconds or less into over a dozen styles.
  • PATENTED comb design has safe, flexible teeth for fluid natural hair movement  
  • Super easy to put on & adjust 
  • Secures with specially designed rounded tips, easily slips into hair without causing damage, pulling or pressure.  Won't “stab”  your scalp or hurt your tender roots.
  • Chic & casual, a great “basic” with no bling. Comb teeth hide themselves in your hairstyle creating a magic “floating” pattern of classic knots, pretzel twists & braided crochet rings
What Size Should I Wear?
  • FOR THICK WAVY HAIR:  Choose LARGE.  Not like the knock-offs, our base is a full 4 inches for long thick wavy hair.  
  • Thick & Wavy Curly Hair can ALSO wear MEDIUM for sections—like Half up Half down, Ponytails, and small buns  
  • For Sleek, Thin, or Fine:  Choose MEDIUM.  It provides a wide lightweight base that you need to lift your finer texture hair.
What Do We Guarantee You?

As a small family-owned business since 2006, your comfort is our top priority at HairZing. We stand behind and 100% guarantee our hair styling accessories. Any issues are handled immediately with a replacement or reimbursement–your choice. We are not happy unless you are happy. If you have any issues with any of our stretch clips please contact us and we will make things right for you immediately.

Color: 3 Pack - Medium Brown knot and Large Black Cord

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