Boho Ribbon Metal Wide Wire Comb for Coily Hair

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The Boho Ribbon Metal Wide Tooth Comb for Natural Coily Hair is another casual office favorite. Wide, soft bands and metal loops are reminiscent of corset lacing - with a distinct bohemian vibe.

You know natural coily kinky hair tends to grow best when it’s left alone, that’s why protective styles like faux locs, box braids, and cornrow extensions are so popular for women who want to grow their hair and who aren’t interested in maintaining a high-maintenance do and want a low manipulation style.

Made of Rounded Metal Wire - creates less friction in hair than any other material (plastic, rubber, wood) Less friction = healthier hair 

Low friction Teeth glide / slide easily through your hair. 

Picture walking on a low friction surface like smooth ice. You slip and slide freely, no gripping. Now picture walking on rough asphalt pavement which has a lot of friction. No more gliding effortlessly, you go slower, your shoes grab the surface with more friction. In hair, friction creates rubbing and damage. Once damaged, the hair’s surface lipids are removed and it becomes dull, lifeless and brittle. The cuticle lifts off the follicle creating even greater friction and increases tangling, snapping and breaking. 

Wide Spacing between teeth

  • Thick, curly and textured hair glides easily into comb. 
  • No tangling of roots or hair. Holds secure & comfortably until you take it out.
  • Slides out as easily as they slid in. “Like a hot fork through butter.” 

Innovative Design 

  • Round Metal Wire combs have NOT been widely available in the USA or Europe. Each is made 100% by hand by women artisans and cannot be mass produced.  More expensive to create = higher quality. 
  • Knock offs use cheap grades of wire, shorten length of spine & teeth so they lack stability.  
  • Flat Stamped Metal combs are inexpensive and widely available and is very damaging to hair. This is usually the metal combs women think of.  Mass produced by stamping combs out of a flat sheet of metal like a cookie cutter.  Result? Combs with heavy weight and sharp edges that should not be used in anyone’s hair. That's where HairZing comes in!

 Stretches to hold a lot of hair

  • Perfect for large quantities of textured, kinky, coily, JewFro, long, heavy, thick-straight, wavy hair. 
  • Not recommended for those who describe their hair as fine & thin  
  • Lots of comfortable stretch - just what you need to custom fit your hair 

Strong and won’t break 

  • Great for Heavy Hair - when you need gentle but also strong & sturdy
  • Strongest metal wire we use for maximum holding power

Quick, fast stylish protective hairstyles 

  • Our HairZing Wide Tooth combs easily creates 6 - 12 different hairstyles.  
  • Change your look every day. Treat your hair well with simple low manipulation styles.  
  • 3” x 4” Comb Length makes sweeping up and holding multiple layers easy. 
  • Great for layered hair or hair that is growing out at different lengths.  Eliminate the frustration of hair falling in your eyes and coming undone, needing lots of different pins, clips, elastics to hold back.

Practical for Real Life

  • Rinses easily and won’t stain by absorbing moisturizers.
  • Covered surfaces - No sharp edges causing damage. Very gentle on hair.

What some of our customers are saying about our HairZing Boho Ribbon Metal Wide Tooth Comb

  • “Protects my curls and holds ALL my hair in one clip”
  • “Sometimes I am just not feeling my hair and this saves me at least 45 mins getting ready every day”
  • “My hair is long, thick and really heavy.  This is the only clip I have ever found to hold it.”
  • “Nothing holds my heavy thick hair like this can.  Love it when it is hot & humid”   
  • “Finally something strong enough to hold my heavy hair without giving me a headache”
  • “My hair has never gone up so fast and felt soooo good”
  • “This is the ONLY  clip that holds my hair.  All my hair. All day.”
  • “Sturdy but gentle on my hair.” 

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