Antigua Wood Bead Comb for Thick Hair

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The best (all day hold) Hair Clip for Thick Curly Heavy Textured Hair. The only hair accessory that comfortably holds protective hairstyles like dreadlocks, kinks, locs, and braids as well as low manipulation styles like wash & go’s, puffs, pineapple updo’s, and twists that require less touching.

Non-tangling, softly polished wood beads are woven through our super-stretchy elastic to make this comb extra wide and perfect for tons of curls. With almost 10 inches of stretch, Antigua will comfortably hold kinks, curls, locs, and braids all day! 

Deep condition your hair and ends all day long and no one needs to know. You look pulled together and the heat of your head is helping follicles absorb the moisturizer/oil/conditioner for hours while up in a HairZing. Like wearing a silk bonnet at night, except you can go anywhere and look amazing while deep conditioning your hair and getting things done!    

The way we weave and bead this double comb design is unique. It gives it extra wide stretch, perfect for gathering tons of curls without pressure on roots or edges. Stretchable & strong elastic with non-tangling, softly polished wood beads.

  1. Decorative Hair Accessory with Wooden Beads - over 400 sustainably-sourced Black & Gold, White (Ivory) & Gold beads. Looks like the beads are “floating” jewelry in your hair.  that is NOT attached to elastic so that your curls don’t get pulled or snagged.
  2. Super Stretch Elastic Bands - Incredible nearly 10-inch stretch design that holds your curls snug but gently for protection and growth at the same time. No pressure, no pulling, no sliding, no damage, no heavy-accessory weight. Superior quality doesn’t stretch out and lose shape like cheap elastics do (will).
  3. Protective Hair Healthy Design - Specifically engineered to protect thick, heavy, textured curly hair from breakage. Can be worn with wet or dry hair. 
  4. Rounded Metal Wire Construction - Lightweight, widely spaced, and perfectly rounded wire in two different thicknesses for frictionless separation. Slides in & out of your hair without tangling or hurting your roots. 
  5. Headache Free All Day Hold - Patented design allows the comb to lay naturally flat - hugging the curve of your head - so comfortable you can fall asleep wearing one.
  6. Easy, Flattering Hairstyles - Casual but Chic and styles in seconds. Designed for a less “blingy or glitzy” look. With one hair comb clip you create multiple looks for any occasion in under 3 minutes. Perfect for work, school, yoga, running, dance, night out at a club, birthday, prom, wedding and church. 
  7. Great Gift for All Ages - This comb is comfortable on even the most tender-headed young girls. 


See our Wide-Tooth Comb Demo:


Hair Types:

  • Kinky, Coily, Natural, Long, Thick, Heavy.
  • The stretch in Antigua is specifically intended to hold lots of curly, thick,  heavy hair. For fine, thin or sleek hair, see our Medium Fine Wire Combs.


Multiple Hairstyles:

  1. Half up Half Down
  2. Updo’ s
    1. Messy Bun
    2. Top Knot 
    3. Ballerina Buns
    4. Pineapple Updo-Bun
    5. Bun Cover
    6. Peacock Twist
    7. Waterfall / Cascade Pony

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