HairZing Testimonials

I was really excited to get this. I don't do much with my hair but wanted something that could be considered "fancy" and still simple. This was perfect... I loved the product and highly recommend for those who don't have time to do their hair everyday. Just toss it up and you're good to go!

Destiny L.
Daisytown, PA

I would rather wear a HairZing than any other hair accessory. I have migraine headaches, and I am able to use HairZings in my hair comfortably... I can actually fall asleep in my HairZing, it’s that comfortable.

Norma G.
Keokuk, IA
The HairZing allows me to keep my hair long, past my shoulders... I wake up, it takes five minutes to put my hair up neatly; and I feel so lucky I can have great hairstyles - fast. HairZings are totally different; nobody else has such a versatile hair accessory.

Grace S.
Huntington Beach, CA
I tried it on my 11 year old niece who has baby fine hair. She spent about an hour trying new and different hair styles she found on YouTube and that's when I realized I wasn't getting my HairZing back from her.

Michelle B.
Las Vegas, NV
  I have used HairZing for years, because it works. I can wear my hair loosely pulled back at the nape of my neck, or tighten it up and wear it higher on my head in a twist. I spend a lot of time in a chair, and the HairZing never falls out or feels uncomfortable.

Flora K.
Cairo, MI
Most hair doodads tend to slide right out of my hair and I have to constantly readjust them and put them back in. I was happily surprised that the HairZing stayed tightly in place for several hours (and that was several hours of cleaning my house and chasing my toddler, not just staying relatively still)... I tried the HairZing in a couple of different ways ... and it stays in place for hours.

Bronwyyn J.
This hair accessory is very pretty. The gems looked great against even my daughters brown hair! It feels very sturdily made so I expect it to last some time... My daughter didn't complain of it pulling or pinching anywhere so I call that a plus. She's very finicky so it must be fairly comfortable. And it did look great, especially when the light caught the gems.

Miranda P.
McCalla, AL
I work in a casino in Las Vegas, and people constantly notice the HairZing in my hair. They want to know how it works, where can they get one, I end up talking about the HairZing all the time. HairZing is just fun to put in your hair, how many moments in the day are just fun?

Karen C.
Las Vegas, NV
I have trouble with my hands, and HairZing is easy for me to put in, and it stays all day long. Being able to fix your hair beautifully every day makes a difference in how you feel. HairZing makes this possible for me.

Dee Anne C.
Lake Elsinore, CA
I have thick, curly, frizzy hair. It is hard to maintain just about any hair style. I tend to wear it up a lot unless I straighten it, but rubber bands and pony tail holders do a lot of damage and cause breakage. I have been using the Hair Zing for a couple of weeks and I love it! You can use it to do a typical pony tail, buns and several other hair styles.

Tonya C.
  I sent one of them to my daughter, a doctor with Doctors without Borders, she is in a war zone at the moment, getting experience she would never get at home. While wearing a burqua in work, it takes her 20 minutes to find her stethescope under all the veils. Loves the comb.

Ailbhe H.
Dublin, Ireland
I love the products and have already shared your info. I have natural hair and I'm African American and there are not products available in store to hold my hair so I love the combs...

K'Shana P.
Nashville, TN
I was so impressed with the woman I spoke with on the phone. We talked about 15 or so minutes discussing what might work best in my hair... she was so friendly and helpful.

Norma S.
Ballwin, MO
They have lasted wonderfully and I use them every day to keep my hair up while at work. I have tried cheaper ones and that is just what they are - "cheaper".

Karen C.
Las Vegas, NV
As a social worker in a fast paced environment, I don’t have the time to worry about how to keep my hair under control. The HairZing keeps my hair where it needs to be so I can worry about my patients.
My hair has a lot of layers to it, so in order to keep it neat I would have to use several smaller bobby pins, rubber bands or clips to keep it in place. When I use the HairZing, I do not have to use anything else.

Courtney B.
New Orleans, LA
I have straight, baby fine hair and every other barrette and comb just slides right out of my hair, but the HairZing stays in my hair without any problem…I used to use a head band to keep my hair out of my face. The HairZing helps me keep my hair back without looking so severe.

Lynn C.
Houston, TX