Founder, CEO, Goddess of Power and Chaos

Founder and CEO Francesca invented HairZing in 2006 to take care of all 8 follicles of her own superfine, baby thin hair. It had to be comfortable, stay put, not put pressure on any of her three hairs, and take continual abuse through the unpredictable whirlwind that is her life. Her retirement plans include taking up a fourth career as either a supermodel or a tropical hammock tester, preferably with her new favorite HZ - the Stormy Gray Double Cross!

Director of Marketing and Queen of Amazon

Terese is a mother of two with the sleekest hair known to mankind. When not reminiscing about her most recent trip to Paris, she runs HairZing's Amazon operations and laments her lack of coffee (sorry - cafe au lait). With some of the most sleek, straight, and slippery hair on the planet, she's partial to the Fiji.


E-commerce Manager and Doer of Good

Emma is the office Millenial, e-commerce manager, and in-house graphics and development teams. She cooks, codes, and argues with her hair and cat about when they've last been fed. If a prototype disappears around the office it's probably on her head (because if that hair doesn't eat it, nothing will). She's been wearing the Boho Metal prototype for close to a year, and she's excited to finally be able to get one in blue (it matches her hair).

Shipping Manager and Sanity Maintenance

Kerry runs the HairZing warehouse - his days mostly consist of tracking inventory, shipping orders, and bringing coffee. With the least hair in the office, Kerry tends to be the one who finds new and inventive uses for HairZings (as coasters, bookmarks, cat distractions, etc.)


Customer Service Genius

Jenna is HairZing's in-house customer service genius. Her superfine hair is usually recovering from a less than desirable cut, but her tender head is a fan of the Stretch Banana Ribbon (it's definitely the fastest way to make it look like you've got a long, flowing ponytail). The rare times she's not working with customers tend to find her reading on the deck of a ship, enjoying a drink from a monkey-shaped coconut.

Keeper of the Books

Karen is the office accountant and numerical wizard. Between taking care of HairZing's accounting and a 2-year-old standard poodle, there's very little time left for anything - hence the Tahoe that's pretty much always in her hair.