All HairZings work essentially the same way - the stretchy bands in the center hold the two combs against the natural curve of your head.

Our S-T-R-E-T-C-H Bananas operate slightly differently (see below) but all our other combs work the exact same way: 

Instructions For Fine Tooth Wire, Wide Tooth Wire, and Essential Plastic Combs

How to use a Double Comb - Step One

Step 1: Hold

Slide your fingers through the bands.
Your fingers should be on top of the arch of the comb. Place your thumb on the underside of the comb.

How to use a Double Comb - Step Two

Step 2: Slide

Gather your hair into the desired hairstyle.
With the teeth of the comb touching your scalp, slide the first comb in. The arch of the comb should match the curve of your head.

How to use a Double Comb - Step Three

Step 3: Stretch

While continuing to hold the first comb in place, stretch second comb towards opposite ear.

How to use a Double Comb - Step Four

Step 4: Flip

Flip the teeth downward and slide the second comb into your hair. When you're finished, the teeth of the second comb should be against your scalp and pointing towards the teeth of the first comb.


For HairZing Stretch Banana Combs