Tahoe Glass and Wood Beaded Comb for Fine Hair

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Fine Tooth Wire Combs


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Decorative Hair Accessory Inspired breathtaking colors found at Lake Tahoe

Your hair is one of the most important things to consider while planning for any vacation, Spring Winter or Summer!

Between hitting the beach and staying out until all hours of the night, your tresses are probably going to take a beating and go a few days without washing.

Fortunately, HairZing Double Comb accessories are the ideal way to disguise your day-old frizzy hair as gorgeous, bombshell locks.

Best for Thin Fine Hair, this all-time best seller is a blend of semi-precious tigers eye stones and iridescent glass in shades of greens, copper brown, blues and purples, accented by polished wood.

Looking for a thick hair option? Try our Thick Wavy Hair Tahoe.

It’s absolutely beautiful, eye-catching and sure to be one of your favorites - it's definitely one of ours! Shimmers with an "Aurora Borealis" iridescent finish perfect for any Spring or Summer Vacation.

Hues of purple, blue, teal and green blend with accents of celedon in sparkling faceted, bugle, and softly rounded glass beads.

Semi-precious natural tigers eye & iridescent glass in shades of green, copper, blue & purple. Sustainable bamboo wood chips compliment and anchor the sparkling glass. 

Tahoe Glass and Wood Beaded Comb for Fine Hair Features

  1. Hair Healthy and comfortable! - No tangles. Lies flat on your head so you can lean back without pain.
  2. Fine, Narrow Spacing between teeth - No tangling of roots or hair. Finest gauge wire we use - light weight, gentle, but also sturdy and long lasting. 
  3. Superior Quality -  Covered surfaces-- No sharp edges to cause damage. 
  4. Holds secure & comfortably - until you take it out :) Slides out as easily as it slid in. “Like a hot fork through butter,” Comb adjusts to your movements, and moves more fluidly in your hair.
  5. Great as a gift - Can be used by tender-headed girls too!
  6. Practical for Real Life - Beads rinse easily and won’t stain by absorbing gels and hair spray. Women with this hair comb to lift hair, boost volume, thicken and product residue can be easily cleaned off which keeps them looking brand new.  Comes with a resealable carry pouch so you can throw them into your purse, backpack or gym bag.

Popular Fine Hair Hairstyles with Tahoe 

  1. Adding Poof & Volume on top to all styles listed below (in addition to the style itself)Hair is not pressured between combs, it moves independently so can be softened with fingers by pulling out sections. Creates illusion of having VOLUME and more hair. 
  2. Half Up Half Down
  3. Peacock Twist Ponytail 
  4. Messy and Soft Buns
  5. Double Buns / Space Buns
  6. Top Knots
  7. Ballerina Buns
  8. Twisted Center

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