Cord & Bead Banana Clip for Thick Curly Hair

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Is your hair so thick that hardly any hair clip holds it in place without breaking? Do you consistently find yourself wanting to get your curly and thick hair up off your neck and away from your face? Do you want a hair tool you can use all day long and that is very easy to use and is gentle in your hair?
Meet your new loyal and reliable hair accessory, this is the HairZing Barrette Clip for those with long, thick, and unruly natural hair. If you are tired of stressing and worrying about what to do about your thick and curly hair, wasting money on cheap hair clips that snag and pull and break your hair, and want to stop the headaches from clips that pull too tight and cut off circulation.

This large size barrette clip is perfect for women who have thick, curly, wavy, and heavy hair or combination thereof. Large banana clip is 6 inches long & stretches to 9 inches wide.
This clip is unlike any other you have tried before. This is not a cheap plastic banana clip from the 90’s your mother used to use, it is made for everyday working women and men who have unruly, thick, curly hair. Once you discover the magic of HairZing you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without one before.

Between the two combs there is a strong elastic band that is made to stretch around your hair, the two combs work together sinking in around your head and hold snug for the perfect hairstyle that will last all day long. You'll be thrilled to find that it gets your hair up and out of the way fast and easily so you can get on with your day.

Your happiness is our number one priority. And thats why we think you should try both of our sizes the Large & Medium if you are un-sure which one is right for you. Once you figure out which one will work for you just return the other and we will refund your money. 
Try them all out and keep the ones you like guaranteed. Seriously though, whatever it takes to make you happy. You got it.
  • Materials: Satin cord and beads
  • Original Wire Stretch Banana combs are lightweight, strong, and curved for all-day comfort
  • 100% handcrafted by women artisans
  • Clean by wiping with a damp cloth

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