Comfy Stretchable Plastic Double Comb for Thin Fine Hair: Celtic Design

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Essential Plastic Combs


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Comfort without Damage

  • HairZing Comfy Combs won't damage, pull or crease your hair. Wear them all day in comfort. No headaches, slippage or curl disruption.
  • Sturdy enough to battle beach sand, Ocean salt water, and chlorine in any Pool. This unique hair clip can handle it all.
  • Urban and sleek- perfect for putting your hair up and looking professional at work.
  • Can be used by kids too! Great as a gift.

Many Hairstyles - One Product
Nothing beats basic black - quickly put your hair up with a sleek, minimalist look. Or dive into the pool, hang out on the beach or swim in the ocean. This heat and water-resistant Comfy Comb can handle it. Go ahead, take the plunge, make a splash! The intricate Celtic cut out will add a subtle panache to your sleek look!

ForeverFlex™ Silicone
The ForeverFlex ™ silicone banding stretches to 8 inches. ForeverFlex™ silicone is heat and water proof - soft, supple, silky to the touch and won't damage your hair. Silky smooth silicone banding is perfect for your active lifestyle - heat-proof, waterproof, and super easy to clean.

Comfy Combs are available only in the Medium size. Comfy Comb Medium Essential Plastic Combs measure 3.0"""" x 3.5"""" wide. Elastic comb band is flexible so you can gently adjust for a custom fit. Medium holds sections of hair for all. Updo's, ponytails & small buns for fine or medium length hair.

Fine & Thin hair?
This is the perfect comb for you!

Sleek & Straight hair?
You'll love this comb - the silicone bands make this comb almost completely slip-proof.

Thick & Curly/Wavy hair?
A single Celtic will not hold all of your hair - try one for a half-up/half-down look.

Natural hair?
This comb will not hold all of your hair - we don't recommend this for your kinks and coils.

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