Spike Stretch Banana Comb

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Stretch Banana Combs


Need a HairZing with attitude? A punk style hair band with glossy chrome studs. With half-inch metal spikes coming out of your faux-hawk, this one fits the bill.

Perfect for any naturalista who need to moisturize, twist out and go. Put your hair up and Go! Protect your hair from the damage caused by washing & heat. No headaches, sliding, breakage, pulling or damage.

Buy a LARGE if you have LOTS of hair! Otherwise choose a medium. Large is for thick, wavy, long & natural curls & coils.

Because of the weight of the spikes, we don't recommend this comb for fine & thin hair.

This banana comb won't break when you stretch it to a whopping 9 inches wide.

It is not plastic. Ours has an elastic hinge- stretch to hold all of your hair. If the HairZing is squeezing or pinching, then the 2 combs need to be moved closer together. And if the comb part is not sliding into curls effectively, we suggest a gel or oil be applied to the combs or hair.

To be honest (which we are!), it does take a few tries to master. But its worth it!

Can be used by kids too! Great as a gift. Fine & Thin hair?

Sleek & Straight hair?
You'll want a Medium to hold snug in your hair.

Thick & Curly/Wavy hair?
Definitely get a large - it's heavy, but it will hold all those curls comfortably.

Natural hair?
Large is the only way to go with all those kinks and coils.

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