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Are you looking for a new hairstyle without dropping a bomb on your wallet? With its sleek design, this chic banana comb adds edgy energy to your style. 

A fabulous barrette, pin and elastic replacement because it stretches wide around ALL your hair without breaking any of it. A real time saver creating many comfortable, flattering hairstyles in minutes. 

Sheer organza ribbons wrap the rounded banana clip ( a new “double comb”) completely covering the comb.

Everything disappears except the woven organza in your hair when you put it on.

The organza is lightweight and stays crisp, won’t wilt and go flat, no matter how heavy your curls.

Ribbons are variegated colors, each beautiful hues and tone variations to match with anything you wear... 

High quality comfort. All day hairstyle hold without headaches, slipping, or sliding. (Finally)

Fitted with a strong, stretchy elastic to securely and comfortably hold your hair in place. Comb elastic will not stretch out of shape.

Creates volume, lifts and supports curls & coils, adds bounce and shape to all types and textures of hair. 

Lift your hair up, off your neck without damaging it.

Why this is different:

Sweeping your hair up & back off the face creates the illusion of having more hair and volume.

The secret to gathering your hair length (from the sides and back) and piling it on top of your existing roots is to comfortably and securely hold it without breakage.

That’s where the strong, lightweight base of our S-T-R-E-T-C-H Banana Comb comes in handy. It safely secures all your hair without friction.

ONE Banana Clip replaces elastics, pins, barrettes and other clips that literally clamp down on and destroy your hair.

No pulling. No pain. No kidding. 

We all know traditional banana combs have problems. They either slip and slide out of straight hair, or break because they can’t stretch to close around thick, heavy hair and natural curls.

That’s why we re-engineered this baby. Banana Clips make you look beautiful, it’s why they are one of the best selling hair accessories in history. However, like Stilettos, those old hard plastic banana clips hurt while creating the most flattering hairstyles by naturally highlighting your eyes and cheekbones. 

We decided to engineer all the pressure and pain OUT, adding s-t-r-e-t-c-h, curve and details to the handwoven teeth you will feel the first time you effortlessly slide one into your hair. 

This banana comb adds “that little extra something” to take your feathered bangs and layered tresses just a little further. 

Keep the soft volume. Stop the constant distraction of hair escaping and falling in your face. This unique banana clip is not the 80’s hair accessory your mom used to wear. :) 


Available in variegated colors:

  • Storm Blue - Mixed shades of blues, purple, and smoke gray
  • Fall Foliage - Tones of rust, soft gold, forest green 
  • Champagne - Shimmering golds and ivory mixed with a hint of cool lavender
  • Peach & Rose - A pop of tangerine with splashes of bold fuchsia
  • Pink & Denim - Denim blue blended with hues of soft rose and pink

Features for the Ruffle Banana Comb:

  1. Super Stretch Elastic Bands - incredible 9-inch woven stretch bands have enough strength to hold - but are made to be gentle in your hair. Protect your hair giving it time to grow healthy at the same time.
  2. Fresh Style Hair Accessory -  Softly wrapped iridescent organza ribbon complements any outfit and won't overpower your hair.
  3. Hair Healthy Design - No damaging pressure, custom fit stretch to your comfort. Treat your hair well with simple low manipulation styles.. Wear in wet or dry hair. Perfect for any naturalista ---twist out and go! Textured and Frizzy hair types looking for a quick way to moisturize and look polished will especially enjoy. 
  4. Adds Volume to Your Hair - Creates the illusion of 2-3x more hair than you actually have. Works well in Thick-Straight, Thick-Curly and Thick-Frizzy hair. 
  5. Rounded metal wire construction - Lightweight, and perfectly round wire in two different thicknesses won’t stab your scalp. Less friction means our combs slide in & out of hair, especially the roots, without damage.
  6. Headache Free All Day Hold - Patented, rounded stretch design allows the comb to naturally hug the curve of your head. Comfortable and safe enough to fall asleep wearing. 
  7. Easy, Flattering Hairstyles - Create Faux Hawks and Frohawk’s in seconds! Classy and Chic, but wild enough for nights you really want to live out loud, including Faux & Fro Hawks with Bantu Knots, Multiple Tie & Twist Buns and Braided Ropes and Box Twists.
  8. Great Gift for All Ages - This comb even works for young girls. Create 6-12 different hair styles and change your look every day.
  9. Different Sizes for Different Hair Types - Each Stretch Banana is made 100% by hand and designed to fit different hair types. 

Large Size:

  • Stretch Banana (Double Comb) Length: 4 inches 
  • Extra Long Wire teeth: 1.5 inches from top of spine to tip of tooth.
  • Elastic Double Comb Stretches up to 9-10 Inches, holds lots of thick, heavy and textured hair. Kinky curls, thick-straight and wavy or frizzy hair will thank you!

Banana Comb Hairstyles with the Ruffle:

  1. Faux Hawk / Frohawk
  2. Waterfall / Cascade Pony
  3. French Twist 
  4. Braided Double and Multiple Buns 
  5. Braided Ponytail
  6. Half up Half Down
  7. Banana Buns
  8. Twists 
  9. Box Twists + Ballerina Bun
  10. Pineapple Bun
  11. Peacock Twist

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