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Austin Decorative Wide Wire Comb for Thick Hair

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Wide Tooth Combs


Black / Silver
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Revolutionary NEW comb design. Our wide tooth comb glides through your hair. Keeps your curl pattern. HairZing Austin Combs won't damage, pull or crease your hair. Wear them in your sister locs all day without headaches, slippage or curl disruption.

Austin has bright silver, faux pearl beads and super comfortable elastic banding, making it the perfect casual or business piece. Our unique wide-tooth comb slides in and out of all hair easily and holds snug all day.

Create lots of easy hairstyles
The "diamond" pattern allows you to twist your hair in the center and create French & peacock twists OR open the silver beaded bands wide to pull buns, ponytails & puffs through OR use it for any low manipulation hairstyle. If you don't receive a compliment the first day you wear this, we have not done our job! Makes your hair look amazing even on that no-wash day.

Redesigned Wire Combs
Our wide tooth wire combs fit comfortably against your head and glide through your hair. The teeth do bend, but that ensures that they don’t damage your hair or scalp. The Medium Wide Tooth teeth are widely spaced 1/2 inch apart for maximum comfort and hold. The wire teeth are 2.5"" long. HairZing looks stunning and beautiful – but is also flexible and strong. Just like you!

Where to wear it?
The Austin HairZing has bright silver finish beads and comfortable elastic banding. Perfect for putting your hair in a French twist for a meeting at work and yet also goes with that ponytail and jean jacket you are wearing out to the movies. Our customers tell us that it is great for dancing, cooking and work. Let us know what you use your HairZing for!

Medium size works in almost ALL hair types- sleek, fine, thick, wavy & natural, kinky, coily hair. Dreds, braids & Sister locks too!

  • Put your hair up in seconds and wear all day without headaches, sliding or damage.
  • UpDos & French Twists will be easy. Or open the bands wide to pull ponytails, buns & puffs through. Can be worn under a hat.
  • Can be used by kids too! Great as a gift.

Sleek & Straight hair?
It's the perfect comb for you - all day hold with no slippage!

Thick & Curly/Wavy hair?
We're sure you'll love this comb! If your hair is extra long, one might not hold all of it.

Natural Kinks, Coils, Curls, or Locs?
Works perfectly in your natural hair! If you have especially thick hair, one might not hold all of it (try a cute half-up/half-down look).

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