Low-Manipulation and Protective Combs

Rock your Curls!

Check out the Hair Accessory loved by Tender Heads, Lazy Naturalistas & Busy Curlies!

Looking for Low Manipulation styles? HairZings are strong enough to stretch, gather & hold ALL curls, coils & kinks on one try, no re-arranging. "Very easy to use and gentle in my hair" says Chae in her review.
Need a Protective Style? In less than two minutes, you can contain those curls & tuck those ends in a HairZing! So comfortable, you can fall asleep in them.
Fro-Hawks in seconds! "This is absolutely amazing for Mohawks", says Zeph in her review.
Transitioning Lengths? Protect those precious curls while they grow out.
One HairZing- Many Styles. Professional Style for Work? Edgier Style at night? Or casual weekend style? We've got this!

We promise!

Watch our videos, read our reviews and listen to Curlies who have already discovered HairZing!
Still not sure? We have a 100% money back guarantee.

Erika's review says: "I live in NYC. My curls are 4c. I found HairZing when I was transitioning to Natural hair. I started wearing one every day & loved what it did for my hair. There are NO other hair accessories made for hair like mine."

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