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  • What's in a name? Our Stretch Banana Ribbon is actually wrapped in soft, flexible elastic with a beautiful shine to make our all-time comfiest Stretch Banana. The elastic "ribbon" hinges adjust to your hair so it can hold as tightly as you want.

  • Fine & Thin hair?   Medium is the size for you! If you need a tighter fit, try tying an extra knot in the bottom hinge.
    Sleek & Straight hair?   If your hair is shorter than your shoulderblades, we recommend a medium. If it's super thick or super long, you'll be better off with a large.
    Thick & Curly/Wavy hair?   You'll definitely want a large to hold those curls off your neck and out of your face.
    Natural hair?   A large is the only size that can hold all those kinks and coils!

  • Step 1: Position

    With one hand on each comb, position the hinge of the Stretch Banana at the base of hairline. The curve of each comb fits against the curve of your head. Your fingers should be on top of the arch of the comb. Place your thumb on the underside of comb.

    How to Use a HairZing: Step 1

    Step 2

    With teeth touching your scalp & hair dropping between the jaws of the Stretch Banana, slide the combs towards each other. The arch of comb matches the curve of your head. Stop sliding when it feels snug.

    How to Use a HairZing: Step 2

    Step 3

    Stretch the top loop (on left comb) over to the right. Slip the loop over the bead (top right comb) to close the Stretch Banana.

    How to Use a HairZing: Step 3

    Step 4

    The Stretch Banana cord is made with multiple loops. For looser hold, use 1st loop. For tighter grip, use 2nd loop.

    How to Use a HairZing: Step 4

 Type:   Stretch Banana Comb

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