Austin Wide Tooth Comb

  • Austin has bright silver beads and super comfortable elastic banding, making it the perfect casual or business piece. Our unique wide-tooth comb slides in and out of all hair easily and holds snug all day.

    Put your hair up in seconds and wear all day without headaches, sliding or damage.

    Medium size works in almost ALL hair types- sleek, fine, thick, wavy & natural, kinky, coily hair. Dreds, braids & Sister locks too!

    Revolutionary NEW comb design. Our wide tooth comb glides through your hair. Keeps your curl pattern.

    UpDos & French Twists will be easy. Or open the bands wide to pull ponytails, buns & puffs through. Can be worn under a hat.

    Free link to how-to video & hairstyling tutorials included. Can be used by kids too! Great as a gift.

  • Fine & Thin hair?   This product will work perfectly in your fine, thin locks!

    Sleek & Straight hair?   It's the perfect comb for you - all day hold with no slippage!

    Thick & Curly/Wavy hair?   We're sure you'll love this comb! If your hair is extra long, one might not hold all of it.

    Natural Kinks, Coils, Curls, or Locs?   Works perfectly in your natural hair! If you have especially thick hair, one might not hold all of it (try a cute half-up/half-down look).

  • Step 1: Hold

    Slide your fingers through the bands.
    Your fingers should be on top of the arch of the comb. Place your thumb on the underside of the comb

    How to Use a HairZing: Step 1

    Step 2: Slide

    Gather your hair into desired hairstyle.
    With the teeth of the comb touching your scalp, slide the first comb in. The arch of the comb should match the curve of your head.

    How to Use a HairZing: Step 2

    Step 3: Stretch

    While continuing to hold the first comb in place, stretch second comb towards opposite ear.

    How to Use a HairZing: Step 3

    Step 4

    Flip the teeth downward and slide the second comb into your hair. When you're finished, the teeth of the second comb should be against your scalp and pointing towards the teeth of the first comb.

    How to Use a HairZing: Step 4

 Type:   Wide Tooth Comb

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