Tribal Stretchable Double Hair Comb

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Put your hair up in seconds and wear all day without headaches, sliding, breakage or damage.

A bold, natural look that combines warm brown, glossy black beads from sustainably-grown bamboo & wood onto our Essential Flexible Plastic combs.

Customers rave about how comfortable and stable the Essential Plastic Combs are to wear, so if you like a "solid connection", this is a great choice!

Casual and charming, the beads have a soft gloss finish and are laced onto our super stretch covered elastic banding. You'll be able to wear this with jeans, leggings, casual flowing dresses and skirts--even cowboy boots.

Great for casual office outfits, too. We use a double strength stretch elastic band and our Essential Plastic Combs so this baby does it all!

UpDos & French Twists in seconds OR open the bands wide to pull ponytails, buns & puffs through. Perfect for low manipulation & protective hairstyles.

Warm brown, glossy black & matte white beads from sustainably-grown bamboo & wood on Essential Plastic chestnut brown combs.

Can be used by kids too! Great as a gift.

100% hand made. Our product was invented by a woman & our company is woman owner and run.

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