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Last chance! Grab this deal now:
The Rainbow Model Hairzing is being discontinued and will no longer be available after we sell out. 

Add whimsical style to any outfit when you put on this Rainbow Pride Stretchy Hair Accessory. Every girl dreams of rainbows and unicorns - and now you can wear one of those in your hair!

Perfect for any Pride-related celebration or just because, put on this rainbow hair clip for an added dose of fun with any ensemble.

Every shade of the rainbow in high-quality hand-matched glass beads. Colors flow from light to dark in a (non-straight) criss-cross pattern.

Designed to hold super snug and wear all day in comfort. Won't slip or slide. Won't damage, pull or crease your hair.

Put your hair up in seconds and wear all day without headaches, breakage or damage.

Hair Healthy and comfortable! No tangles. Lies flat on your head so you can lean back without pain.

Lightweight and super comfortable, perfect for even the fussiest magic princesses. 

Can be used by kids too! Great as a gift. 

No headaches, slippage or curl disruption.

Many Hairstyles
One product twist your hair in the center and create French & peacock twists OR open the crystal bands wide to pull buns, ponytails & puffs through OR use it for any low manipulation hairstyle. If you don't receive a compliment the first day you wear this, we have not done our job!

Redesigned Fine-Tooth Wire Combs especially for Fine, Thin Hair
Our curved ORIGINAL wire combs fit comfortably against your head. The teeth do bend by design - that ensures that they don’t damage your hair or scalp. If the teeth bend out of position, just bend them back. HairZing looks stunning and beautiful – but is also flexible and strong. Just like you!

Where to wear it?
You'll burst into a cheerful cover version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" once you pop this into your hair. It doesn't matter if your voice is closer to Pink's or Judy Garland's, in the end you'll understand why it captures hearts. Fun, bright, full of attitude. No wonder it's enormously popular! High-quality glass beads in every shade of the rainbow. Hand matched so the colors flow from light to dark.

Care and Keeping
Clean by wiping with a damp cloth, do not submerge in water. Faceted glass beads- NO plastic. Resin bands are 10x stronger than elastic.

Only available in medium, this comb will comfortably hold most girls' hair. If you have lots of thick curls, consider getting a second.

We hold the patent and are the ORIGINAL double comb creator. US Patents# 7,748,390, #8,413,667; D518,599; D532,551; USA & International Patents Pending.

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