Pretzel - Flexible Butterfly Hair Clip for Thin, Sleek Hair

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  • Add volume & softness - Create flattering hairstyles that finally earn you compliments. Lightweight for your soft hair, 100% secure. Despite hot weather and humidity, HairZing prevents sweat from making your hair look flat, limp and lifeless. 
  • Holds Snug - Instead of barrettes or claw clips, use this cool comb which actually holds your baby fine wispy hair up without damaging. 
  • Styles in Seconds Holds All Day - Style your hair in under 20 seconds. Just in time for you to crawl to the coffee machine.
  • Comfortable Custom Fit - Adjusts with your hair. If HairZing ever feels too tight, gently push the combs closer together for a looser more comfy fit. Works with the hair you have, doesn't overpower it. Never looks too heavy & bulky. This is the most comfortable hair clip you will ever own. Most of our fine, thin hair customers can't wear anything else. 
  • Practical and Ideal for Everyday Use - HairZing Double Cross is perfect to hold your hair up for hours. All-day hold at work, school, church, yoga, dance, night out, birthday, prom, even makes a perfect wedding hair comb. Great for pools and water activities.
  • Chic & casual - A perfect “basic” with no embellishment. So you don’t overwhelm your naturally beautiful hair. 
  • Creates Hair Magic - Comb teeth hide themselves in your hairstyle, leaving a “floating” pattern of knotted cords.
  • Strong & Beautiful - just like you. Featuring stretchy knots, twists & braided stretchy elastic in a crochet style.

Available in multiple color variations: 

  • Black/Turquoise & Black/ Fuchsia has a pop of bright color mixed with black.
  • Black & Brown colors have a subtle sheen that catches light just right to enhance the natural hair colors & blend easily


Features for the Pretzel Plastic Comb:

  1. Long Smooth Plastic Teeth slide in & out easily without snagging or breaking your hair. Allows fluid natural hair movement. 
  2. Teeth Designed to Secure Roots specially designed rounded tip, easily slips into hair without breaking & wont stab your scalp.
  3. Teeth Spaced Apart to allow Long, Straight, Wavy, Fine to Medium-textured hair to slide in-between.
  4. Looks casual and sleek for workouts, school, lounging, farmers markets, Netflix chilling, cleaning your house.
  5. Declutter, Streamline & Save Time by using this one HairZing. Put your hair up in seconds and wear all day (and even fall asleep with it on).
  6. First Generation, Patented, Original design - Raised spine hides stretch-bands so comb lays flat on your head.
  7. High Quality PET Plastic, the most planet-friendly plastic we can find. Won’t break easily. Comb spine & teeth can flatten out and return to original shape.
  8. Re-Engineered by women to be more flexible & comfortable than any traditional plastic comb.

Large Size:

  • 3” in x 4.5”
  • Incredible 8 inch stretch between the combs to hold lots of hair securely in place

Easy Hairstyles with the Pretzel Double Comb:

  • Ponytails
  • Pull Through Hair Styles
  • Top Knots
  • Ballerina Buns
  • Messy Buns
  • Peacock Twist
  • Half up Half Down
  • Double Buns
  • Most Active/Workout Hairstyles


How to care for your HairZing plastic comb:

Clean by wiping with a damp cloth. Comfy Combs with silicone CAN be submerged in water, but plastic combs with elastic stretch banding or beads should not be submerged in water.

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