We guarantee in 30 seconds or less you will:

  • Hold your hair out of your face
  • Lift Heavy Textured Hair Up & Off your neck
  • Create a rich variety of hairstyles you will look great wearing –  Braids, Twists, Updo’s, Ponytails, Pineapples, FroHawks, Buns, Bantu Knots and so much more!  Easily create in seconds without bobbi pins, elastic bands, clippies or any other damaging clip. 

S-T-R-E-T-C-H the combs apart…
CATCH your hair in-between...
And RELEASE the combs so they firmly come together

Note:  HairZing will NEVER jam your hair in-between our combs.  Each HairZing is engineered to hold comfortably without slipping,  using the natural curve of your head, the texture of your natural hair, and our unique muti-patented designs.  

I have thick , curly, frizzy hair. It is hard to maintain just about any hair style. I tend to wear it up a lot unless I straighten it, but rubber bands and pony tail holders do a lot of damage and cause breakage. I have been using the Hair Zing for a couple of weeks and I love it! You can use it to do a typical pony tail, buns and several other hair styles. It works well with my hair whether I wear it or if I straighten it. Its very simple to use. If you just want to pull your hair back you simple pull the first comb in starting from year ear at the height you want, then stretch the other comb over to the other side, flip it over and slide it in. This product works much better than the standard combs you buy and is also more stylish. There is a learning curve with some of the different hairstyles but with a little practice they are easy….
Tonya C. 

Banana Clips

The first S-T-R-E-T-C-H Banana Comb 

Wear LARGE when holding ALL your hair at once.
Large easily holds Lots of Hair in Fro-Hawks, High Ponytails, Vertical Buns, Most Updo’s, Bantu Knots, Pineapples, Braids

  Wear MEDIUM with smaller sections of hair because it is about ¾ the size of the Large size.

MEDIUM size is good for Half Up/Half Down, Top Knots, Small Buns

Wear a Set of TWO Mediums for the popular Double Bun, Double Pigtail, and Ear-to-Ear Headbands and Crown hair styles

No Breakage or Damage


Designed to accommodate seriously thick textured hair.  Holds your curls snug (but gently) and offers protection from breakage caused by pressure.  Your hair is more fragile than you realize.  If you want it to look healthy and grow stronger, you need to stop squeezing it into tight bands, barrettes, claw clips.  They strip the keratin weakening each shaft of hair.  Once that happens your hair will snap, break, and look dull and lifeless.  No amount of pomade or conditioner will help at that point.

The answer is Wide Tooth with Adjustable s-t-r-e-t-c-h Combs

  • Lightweight,  superior quality rounded wire with lower friction than any fabric stretch band or plastic hair accessory.  
  •  Glides in and out of your hair like a hot fork through butter. 
  • Designed like a pyramid with a wide base so you can easily pile tons of hair up securely on top
  •  Resists snagging or tangling in even the curliest coils
  • Doesn’t stretch out and lose shape like cheap elastics will

          No pressure, no pulling, no sliding, no damage.

Original FINE WIRE S-t-r-e-t-c-h Combs 

Our first product – still a best seller 17 years later!!! 
Wear Vertical, Horizontal, On the side–wherever you want

Uses Stretch (not pressure) to Protectively Hold

Adjusts to your movements, and moves more fluidly in hair to prevent pulling and snagging. 
Super Lightweight & gentle, yet sturdy & durable 
Feel the secure & comfortable hold all day until you take it out 
Teeth are
specifically designed to move around hair roots safely without friction and be pushed back into the original position
Resists breakage and allows healthy hair growth